Congregations Encouraged to Engage in Anti-Hunger Action This Fall

The general secretary of the Church of the Brethren, Stan Noffsinger, has sent a letter to each congregation in the denomination encouraging each to engage in some new and specific hunger action during this harvest season. The new effort is sponsored by the church’s Global Food Crisis Fund and the advocacy and peace witness office in Washington, D.C.

This harvest season is a time for celebrating the providence of God — and also working against hunger. Photo courtesy of Church World Service

“For people of faith, harvest season has been a foremost and festive occasion for celebrating the providence of God,” said the letter, dated Sept. 8. “Through its mission and service ministries, the Church of the Brethren has long been a creative force in feeding the hungry.

“From now ’til Thanksgiving, the themes of harvest and hunger will resound on many fronts. During this season I encourage each Church of the Brethren congregation to engage in at least one new action that addresses the mounting hunger in our nation and world,” the letter continued, in part.

The letter listed a number of options for action against hunger that a congregation may consider, such as a special offering on World Food Day on Sunday, Oct. 16, to the Global Food Crisis Fund designated for drought victims in the Horn of Africa; or speaking publicly on federal, state, and local budgets that impact the hungry, forming a “circle of protection” around the most vulnerable; or taking the Food Stamp Challenge of eating on just $4.50 a day, and applying the savings to causes that strengthen food security.

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