BBT Board Offers Ethos Statement to Church of the Brethren Community as a Guide for Interaction

Photo by Patrice Nightingale
The Brethren Benefit Trust (BBT) board held its fall 2011 meeting at the Village at Morrisons Cove, a Brethren-affiliated retirement community in Martinsburg, Pa. One of the board’s actions was to review and reaffirm its ethos statement designed to guide board members and staff in their interactions with others, and to recommend it to the denomination.

These are difficult times for the church. As an agency of the Annual Conference, Church of the Brethren Benefit Trust takes seriously its leadership role as it serves the church. We value and affirm the relationships that we have with individuals and entities we serve.

In November 2008, the BBT board approved an ethos statement designed to guide board members and staff in their interactions with others. In these uncertain times within the denomination and society, the BBT board reviewed and reaffirmed the statement on Nov. 19 during its fall meeting.

Christ calls us to respect and honor one another. To this end, BBT’s board and staff invite all Church of the Brethren members, congregations, and groups to consider the following statement to guide their interactions with others–

1. Embracing the spirit of God in all that we do.

2. Showing unconditional positive regard* for each other and for those we exist to serve.

3. Equipping ourselves to fulfill our individual and collective responsibilities.

4. Empowering one another.

5. Exhibiting a commitment to serve.

6. Being accountable, individually and corporately, with each other and with those we exist to serve.

7. Operating in a transparent and collaborative manner.

* Unconditional positive regard, a concept developed by Carl Rogers, is when one person is completely accepting of another, modeling an attitude that is demonstrated through behavior.

(This release was provided by BBT).

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