Today at NYC

2010 National Youth Conference of the Church of the Brethren

Fort Collins, Colo. — July 17-22, 2010


A peace vigil by On Earth Peace took place first thing this morning, before devotions led by Dana Cassell of Brethren Volunteer Service. Brethren videographer David Sollenberger spoke for morning worship, his message interspersed with video clips and photographs from 25 years of documenting the Church of the Brethren. Small groups followed before lunch. The afternoon brought opportunities to attend workshops, go on hiking trips in Rocky Mountain National Park, work at service projects, and attend choir practice. The evening service heard from preacher Carol Scheppard, an ordained minister and vice president and dean of academic affairs at Bridgewater (Va.) College. Late-evening activities include a reception honoring Chris Douglas, former director of youth and young adult ministries and now conference director for the Church of the Brethren; a concert by Philadelphia-based music group Reilly, whose bass player Matthew Bomberger grew up Brethren and went to NYC as a youth; an open microphone session where NYCers share their talents; and a Christian Citizenship Seminar reunion.

Quotes of the Day

“There is no need to apply for God’s job. God has not resigned and there is no vacancy there!
–David Sollenberger, Brethren videographer, speaking in the morning sermon about the need for Christians to stop judging others, and instead offer grace and be willing to receive it

“They want your addiction, and only you can decide if you want to be their slave.”
–Morning speaker David Sollenberger on modern versions of the Prodigal Son’s “riotous living,” such as the consumerism promoted by

While grace is the one element that sets Christianity apart from other religions, it remains a very tough reality for Christians to accept and an even tougher one to celebrate.”
–Carol Scheppard, an ordained minister and vice president and dean of academic affairs at Bridgewater (Va.) College, preaching for the Tuesday evening worship service

“Chris, you have encouraged us, the daughters and sons of the church, to live in God’s grace.”
–Becky Ullom, director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry, to former director Chris Douglas thanking her for years of service to the youth of the church. Her remarks followed a video clip at the beginning of the evening service in which many people at NYC expressed their appreciation to Chris Douglas

“It’s you who have shaped and will continue to shape the Church of the Brethren.”
–Chris Douglas, speaking to the youth at NYC after the group gave her a standing ovation

NYC Question of the Day
What was the kindest thing anyone has ever done for you?”

Kristine Fahrney
Dayton, Va.

“At camp when it rained and guys walked us with umbrellas.”

Interviews and photos by Frank Ramirez

Henna Thornberry
Alliance, Ohio

“My parents when they adopted me.”

Aaron Akers
Manassas, Va.

“Everyone that donated money that helped our youth group come to NYC.”

Andy Rowe
Westminster, Md.

“It’s not one big thing. My friends have done a lot of little things.”

Austin Saffer
Fort Wayne, Ind.

“Anytime people help me and stuff, since I have a disability.”

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