Today at NYC

2010 National Youth Conference of the Church of the Brethren

Fort Collins, Colo. — July 17-22, 2010


The three winners of the youth speech contest on the NYC stage during worship on Monday morning: Arbie Karasek, Renee Neher, and Kelsey Boardman. Below: Shane Claiborne gave the evening message for worship. Photos by Glenn Riegel

 An early morning 5K run started the NYC day at 6 a.m. on Monday. Devotions and the morning worship service followed, with messages given by youth speech contest winners Kelsey Boardman, Renee Neher, and Arbie Karasek. Small groups met after worship, and workshops were held in the afternoon along with recreation options. Hiking groups went to Rocky Mountain National Park and some 700 youth took part in service projects in and around the cities of Fort Collins and Loveland. Evening worship featured Shane Claiborne, a Christian peace and justice activist and a founding partner of The Simple Way, a faith community in inner city Philadelphia. Late-evening activities included a concert by Christian musician Ken Medema.

Quotes of the Day

“For 300 progressive years the Church of the Brethren has consistently proven that heroes like the Transformers do exist.”
–Kelsey Boardman, youth speech contest winner from Modesto, Calif., speaking in Monday morning worship

“Will we remember to reach out to others different than us?”
Arbie Karasek, youth speech contest winner from York Center Church of the Brethren in Lombard, Ill., speaking in worship on Monday morning

“We are broken one and all,
Yet we hear God’s awesome call.
Turn the rock over,
There’s more than meets the eye.”
–Ken Medema, composing a new song in response to the morning worship service

“I like you people!”
–Shane Claiborne, a founding partner of the Simple Way faith community in inner city Philadelphia, after being welcomed to the pulpit with an NYC “Preach It Wave”

“We have a God who’s all about loving people back to life…. From that we learn that the closer we are to God, the less we want to throw stones.”
–Shane Claiborne, speaking for Monday evening worship

“Some of you use PCs and some of you use Macs. I guess I would prefer… a Mac!”
–A. Mack in the evening service, as he began a “public service” type announcement introducing the offering of canned food and dry goods for the Larimer County Food Bank. A. Mack (Brethren founder Alexander Mack) is played by Larry Glick


NYC Question of the Day
What do you think is the greatest problem in the world and what do you think you and Jesus should do about it?”

Courtney Morris
Perrysville, Ohio

“Bullying and oppression—be inclusive.”


Interviews and photos by Frank Ramirez

Ryan Wilson
McVeytown, Pa.

“War and pollution. We should clean up the earth and live in peace.”

Shanell Dunn
Linville, Va.

“People not living according to the Bible. We should spread the word.”

Stephanie Goodwin
Concord, N.C.

“Hunger and poverty. We should raise awareness.”

Sara Milliman
Concord, N.C.

“Racism. We should treat everyone the same.”

The News Team for the 2010 National Youth Conference (NYC) includes photographers Glenn Riegel and Keith Hollenberg, writers Frank Ramirez and Frances Townsend, “NYC Tribune” guru Eddie Edmonds, Facebooker and Twitterer Wendy McFadden, website staff Amy Heckert, and news director and editor Cheryl Brumbaugh-Cayford. Contact .

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