Today at NYC

2010 National Youth Conference of the Church of the Brethren

Fort Collins, Colo. — July 17-22, 2010

 NYC today opened with early morning devotions, following by the main Sunday morning worship service led by Ted Swartz of Ted & Co. The day continued with small group meetings, a Pneuma Challenge, workshops in the afternoon. Evening worship featured Jim Myer of the Brethren Revival Fellowship. Late-evening activities included a concert by Mutual Kumquat, a Brethren band, and another performance by Ted Swartz of Ted & Co.

Quotes of the Day

“Let the young among them see visions and let the old dream dreams, and let them build a church so powerful that the gates of hell cannot stand before it.”
–Ted Swartz of Ted & Co. in the closing benediction for morning worship, when he offered a blessing for the National Youth Conference of the Church of the Brethren.

“Who would have thought that 3,000 Brethren young people would be cheering for a 79-year-old man to preach to them at 8:37 p.m. on a Sunday night?”
–Jim Myer of the Brethren Revival Fellowship, preaching for the Sunday evening worship service

“The Good News, young people, is this. You are within the reach of God.”
–Sunday evening preacher Jim Myer

NYC Question of the Day
“In keeping with the day’s theme, ‘Searching for Identity,’ what do you think it means to be Brethren?”

Damaris Reyes
Joplin, Mo.

“To live together, united.”

Interviews and photos by Frank Ramirez

Douglas Reyes
Carthage, Mo.

“We really have confidence in each other.”

Katie Monroe
Hyattsville, Md.

“I think it means to live peacefully and together.”

Nathan Teetor
Elgin, Ill.

“Living simply.”

Kristen Flora
Rocky Mount, Va.

“To me it means you live your life in service to everyone else.”

The News Team for the 2010 National Youth Conference (NYC) includes photographers Glenn Riegel and Keith Hollenberg, writers Frank Ramirez and Frances Townsend, “NYC Tribune” guru Eddie Edmonds, Facebooker and Twitterer Wendy McFadden, website staff Amy Heckert, and news director and editor Cheryl Brumbaugh-Cayford. Contact cobnews@brethren.org .

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