Daily News: March 7, 2007

(March 7, 2007) — Academy Award-winning director James Cameron has created a titanic buzz with his documentary “The Lost Tomb of Jesus.” Given the worldwide interest, veteran journalist and television news anchor Ted Koppel chose to add depth to the discussion with a televised forum on Sunday, March 4, immediately following the premiere of Cameron’s documentary. Both programs aired on the Discovery Channel.

Jonathan Reed, professor of religion at the University of La Verne took part in the televised forum. He is co-author of “Excavating Jesus” and “In Search of Paul.” The University of La Verne is a Church of the Brethren related school in La Verne, Calif.

“The Lost Tomb of Jesus: A Critical Look” was moderated by Koppel, managing editor of the Discovery Channel. Taped in Washington, D.C., the program included a panel of specially selected individuals chosen for their knowledge in such fields as archeology, theology, and biblical research.

“Obviously there is a lot of interest in this topic right now. I discussed this very tomb in the revised edition of ‘Excavating Jesus.’ Basically, I said that I didn’t take this discovery seriously,” said Reed. “I think this program will provide an interesting opportunity for critical assessment of the entire subject.”

Reed is considered a leading authority on first-century Palestine archeology. He has been involved in several major digs and is currently lead archaeologist at Sepphoris, the ancient capital city of Galilee. He served as senior historical consultant for the National Geographic Channel’s 2005 series “Science of the Bible,” assisting with historical reconstructions and re-enactments as well as being featured among the selected experts providing knowledge and insight throughout the series. Reed was also one of several scholars featured in 2003 on the History Channel series “In the Footsteps of Jesus: From Galilee to Jerusalem.”

For more information on the documentary “The Lost Tomb of Jesus” go to www.discovery.com/tomb. For more about the University of La Verne go to http://www.ulv.edu/.

(This article is taken from a University of La Verne news release.)


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