Mission and Ministry Board

Mission and Ministry Board Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Mission and Ministry Board members
(terms conclude at Annual Conference each year)

Carl Fike, chair (2023)
Colin Scott, chair-elect (2025)
Michaela Alphonse (2027)
Lauren Seganos Cohen (2024)
Barbara Daté (2026)
Joel Gibbel (2027)
Heather Gentry Hartwell (2024)
John Hoffman (2025)
Josiah Ludwick (2025)
Kathy Mack (2025)
Meghan Horne Mauldin (2023)
Rosanna Eller McFadden (2027)
Karen Shively Neff (2026)
Joel Peña (2023)
Paul Schrock (2023)
Roger Schrock (2024)
Joanna Wave Willoughby (2026)

Leadership Team
Tim McElwee, Moderator
Madalyn Metzger, Moderator-elect
David Steele, General Secretary
David Shumate, Secretary
Torin Eikler, District Executive, Northern Indiana District

Ex Officio members
Nevin Dulabaum, president, Brethren Benefit Trust
Jeff Carter, president, Bethany Theological Seminary
Marie Benner Rhoades & Matt Guynn (alternating), Co-interim Executives, On Earth Peace

Meeting dates

October 14/15-17, Elgin, Ill.

March 10/11-13, Elgin, Ill.
July 3/4-8, Cincinnati, Ohio (Annual Conference Tues.-Sat. schedule)*
October 20/21-23, Elgin, Ill.

March 15/16-18, Elgin, Ill.
July 2/3-7, Grand Rapids, Mich.*
October 18/19-21, Elgin, Ill.

March 7/8-10, Location TBD
July 1 /2-6, Greensboro, N.C.*
October 17/18-20, Elgin, Ill.

March 13/14-16, Elgin, Ill.
Annual Conference, location/dates TBA
October 16/17-19, Elgin, Ill.

*July meeting dates are held in conjunction with Annual Conference. Conference scheduling may necessitate date adjustments.

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