Welcome, Women in Ministry!

The Church of the Brethren joyfully celebrates the calling and affirmation of women into the set-apart credentialed ministry.  This affirmation of the ministerial leadership of women officially began over one hundred years ago in 1922. 

At the 1922 Annual Meeting of the denomination, the following statement was affirmed: “We also decide that sisters, who are properly qualified, may be licensed by the church to preach. These licenses may be renewed from year to year. When, in the judgment of the church and the District Ministerial Board, their work and interest justify it, they may receive permanent licenses to preach.”

In 1958, after more years of courageous and dedicated struggle, the Annual Conference decided the following:

The Williamson Road Church of the Brethren asks Annual Conference through district conference of the First District of Virginia to grant to women full and unrestricted rights in the ministry.

Ira B. Peters, Moderator; Mrs. William Humbert, Clerk

Action of district conference: The conference voted to pass this query to Annual Conference.

Answer of 1958 Annual Conference: Request granted.

Visit the ministerial statistics page (PDF) to learn how many women are credentialed and licensed and on the path toward set-apart ministry in the Church of the Brethren. We celebrate their gifts and dedication to ministry and welcome others sensing a call to ministry.  However, whom is God’s Spirit calling into ministry in the future?

Perhaps God is calling you to ministerial leadership.  Find resources on this page and contact the district executive ministry in your area to explore further how God desires to bless the world through your gifts!