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Policy for Viewing Prerecorded Material for CEUs

Recognizing that live participation is becoming increasingly difficult for mulitivocational ministers and given the growing library of recorded webinars available from denominational agencies, the Brethren Academy is offering clergy the opportunity to view and report on prerecorded webinars and other educational events for CEUs. A standardized reporting process will provide the necessary accountability. Find the updated policy and instructions here.

John Ritner “Positively Irritating”

"Positivley Irritating" Webinar with John Ritner from Church of the Brethren on Vimeo.

Peter Chin “I’ve Reached My Breaking Point as a Pastor”

Melissa Florer-Bixler “Why Pastors Are Joining the Great Resignation”

Circuit Rider Reflections

Part-Time Pastor, Full-Time Church circuit riders reflect on what they have learned through supporting multi-vocational pastors.

Defining Set-Apart Ministry Within the Multivocational Reality

Full-Time Church; Part-Time Pastors

Lay leaders of congregations who have found new life with creative  pastoral arrangements share about the joys and challenges of life in churches that have called multivocational ministerial leadership.