Congregational vacancies

Recently people received email messages that were supposedly from district executives, using the DEs’ names with Gmail addresses. If you receive an unusual request, a message with awkward language, or something else suspicious saying it’s from a Church of the Brethren staff member or District Executive, please check the email address. Staff members mostly use email addresses that end with District Executive email addresses vary, but the correct ones are listed on this page. Please do not reply to suspicious messages or click on the links. You can mark them as spam or junk, which will affect senders’ ability to get through. You can also fill out this form:

If you are the church board/leadership team chair of a Church of the Brethren congregation that is entering a time of pastoral transition, please contact your district executive/minister, who will assist you in the process of seeking and calling a new pastor. This process includes the selection of a search committee, filling out a congregational profile, entering it into the placement system, making contact with pastoral candidates, interviewing, and calling your new pastor.

If you are a Church of the Brethren pastor with an interest in serving a congregation on this list, please be in touch with your own district executive/minister, who will assist you in the process of pastoral placement in the Church of the Brethren. This process includes filling out a profile, entering it into the placement system, and making contact with another district office.

If you are not a ministerial leader in the Church of the Brethren and have an interest in serving the denomination, please email the Office of Ministry.

Atlantic Northeast

  • Elizabethtown, FT Executive Pastor (Elizabethtown, Pa.)
  • Green Tree, FT (Oaks, Pa.)
  • Lititz, FT Pastor/Director of Faith Formation (Lititz, Pa.)
  • Pottstown, PT (Pottstown, Pa.)

email Pete Kontra:

Atlantic Southeast

  • New Covenant Church, PT (Gotha, Fla.)

email Victoria Ehret:

Idaho & Western Montana

  • No vacancies currently

email Bruce Holderreed:

Illinois & Wisconsin

  • No vacancies currently

email Walt Wiltschek:

Indiana, Northern

  • Beacon Heights, PT Pastor for Education & Congregational Life (Fort Wayne, Ind.)
  • Blue River, FT Associate Pastor for Youth and Young Adults (Columbia City, Ind.)
  • Goshen City, PT/FT (Goshen, Ind.)
  • Middlebury, FT Lead Pastor (Middlebury, Ind.)
  • North Liberty, FT/PT (North Liberty, Ind.) – In Negotiations
  • Pine Creek, FT (North Liberty, Ind.)
  • Shepherd’s Heart Fellowship, PT (Osceola, Ind.)
  • West Goshen, FT (Goshen, Ind.)

email Torin Eikler:

Indiana, South/Central

  • Living Faith, FT (Flora, Ind.)

email Beth Sollenberger:


  • Beaverton, PT Associate Pastor (Beaverton, Mich.)

email Beth Sollenberger:


  • Broadfording, FT (Hagerstown, Md.)
  • Bush Creek, FT (Monrovia, Md.)
  • Denton, FT/PT (Denton, Md.)
  • Myersville, PT (Myersville, Md.)
  • Nokesville, FT (Nokesville, Va.)
  • Woodbridge, FT (Woodbridge, Va.)

email Gene Hagenberger:

Missouri& Arkansas

  • No vacancies currently.

email Cindy Sanders:

Ohio, Northern

  • Ashland Dickey, FT Pastor of Next Generation Ministries (Ashland, Ohio)
  • Bristolville, FT (Bristolville, Ohio)
  • Painesville, PT (Painesville, Ohio)

email Kris Hawk:

Ohio, Southern & Kentucky

  • Brookville, FT (Brookville, Ohio) – In Negotiations
  • Donnels Creek, FT (Springfield, Ohio)
  • Eversole, PT (2022)/FT (2023), Available: 1/1/22 (New Lebanon, Ohio)
  • New Carlisle, FT (New Carlisle, Ohio)

email David Shetler:

Pacific Northwest

  • Wenatchee, PT (Wenatchee, Wash.)

email Carol Mason:

Pacific Southwest

  • No vacancies currently

email Russ Matteson:

Pennsylvania, Middle

  • Bannerville, PT (McClure, Pa.)
  • New Enterprise, FT (New Enterprise, Pa.)
  • Raven Run, PT (Saxon, Pa.)

email David Banaszak:

Pennsylvania, Southern

  • Bermudian, FT Associate Youth Pastor (East Berlin, Pa.)
  • Bermudian, FT Senior/Lead Pastor (East Berlin, Pa.)
  • Hanover, FT Senior Pastor, Available: 1/1/22 (Hanover, Pa.)
  • Mechanicsburg, FT, Available: 1/1/22 (Mechanicsburg, Pa.)
  • York Second, PT (York, Pa.)

email William Waugh:

Pennsylvania, Western

  • Greenville, FT (Grampian, Pa.)

email Bill Wenger:

Plains, Northern

  • No vacancies currently

email Tim Button-Harrison:

Plains, Southern

  • No vacancies currently

email John Holderread:

Plains, Western

  • No vacancies currently

email Randy Yoder:


  • Bridgewater, FT (Bridgewater, Va.)
    • Pastor for Christian Educ. & Spiritual Formation
    • Pastor for Worship & Administration
    • Pastor for Pastoral Care & Outreach
  • Briery Branch, FT Senior Pastor (Dayton, Va.)
  • Leake’s Chapel, PT (Stanley, Va.)
  • Mountain View Fellowship, FT (McGaheysville, Va.)
  • Waynesboro, FT (Waynesboro, Va.)

email John Jantzi:


  • Cedar Creek, FT/PT (Citronelle, Ala.)

email Gary Benesh: or Wallace Cole:


  • Bassett, PT/FT (Bassett, Va.)
  • Bethlehem, FT/PT (Boones Mill, Va.)
  • Christiansburg, PT/FT (Christiansburg, Va.)
  • Copper Hill, FT (Copper Hill, Va.)
  • Ivy Farms, PT (Newport News, Va.)
  • Moneta, Lake Side, PT (Moneta, Va.)
  • Trinity, PT (Troutville, Va.) – In Negotiations

email David Shumate:

West Marva

  • Bear Creek, PT (Accident, Md.)
  • Westernport, PT (Westernport, Md.)

email Brenda Harvey:

Puerto Rico

  • No vacancies currently.

email Jose Calleja Otero:

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