November 23, 2016

Blessings Abound

Photo by Robert Nacke

Are you a morning person? Do you wake up bright and early, ready to get on with the day? Not me. If I had my choice, breakfast would be at 10:00 AM and until then, not much would get accomplished.

One does, what one has to do, so a recent morning found me on the porch, wrapped in an afghan, over my wooly robe, before daylight. (A daughter goes to work early and we wave to let her know we survived the night and we are okay).

The early morning storm had passed, all was quiet. As I sat in the dark, listening to the rain, soothing, peaceful, serenity, it was a joy to be alive. Sipping my hot coffee, I thought of other morning, sitting there. The wake up calls of the birds, singing, insects come alive, perhaps a bunny exploring. The increasing light in the east as the sun, said ‘Hello, good morning to all’. Life would be perfect, if I just could have. . . . .

Wait, just a moment there, Margaret, you have had untold blessings in the years you have been given. Food, clothing, shelter, sunshine, rain, family, love, friends, good health. Oh, how I have enjoyed the earth, flowers, fruit, veggies, mountains, oceans, seas, digging in the warm earth, giving God a hand with his work.

Yes, there have been bumps on my road, as there has been on yours. Perhaps, from time to time, shortages of food or clothing. A very serious Illness of you or a loved one, broken relationships, leaky roofs, a death ‘too soon’.

And we grieve. Isn’t it the ‘hard times’ that give beauty to the ‘good times’. We appreciate a good meal, better if we have missed a few, a warm house if we have spent a cold day outside. We enjoy the fellowship of others, if we have had a lonely week. We look for the smile of a just fed baby, content, cooing and kicking legs.

Soon, it will be time to celebrate the season of thanks. Just as the children of Israel set aside a time to celebrate the Passover, a season of thanks and feasting; Just as the Pilgrims and the Indians feasted together and gave thanks to God for the bounty of the harvest; We, too set aside a day of Thanksgiving. We gather together our family, perhaps a few friends, and share a meal together. We catch up on all the news, welcome the new comers, and watch the antics of the young, check out the health of the elderly.

May you have a happy, joyous ‘thankliving’ day, and your ‘Blessings Abound.’

Margaret Keltner lives in Strafford, Missouri and has been involved in Church of the Brethren ministries for many years. This article first appeared in the Missouri & Arkansas district newsletter.