Reflections | November 30, 2023

Conversations with Howard Royer

Howard Royer in front of plants at the general offices in Elgin, Illinois

Howard Royer served on the denominational staff for 50 consecutive years from 1953-2003, followed by eight years as the Global Food Crisis Fund (now Global Food Initiative) manager, serving three-quarter time on a contract/volunteer basis.

Royer started out as a 1-W conscientious objector and volunteer in stewardship. He then filled successive roles as youth editor, news director, editor of Messenger magazine, coordinator of a salvation and justice program, and director of interpretation.

These short videos, produced by David Sollenberger, share some of Royer’s memories and insights from his lengthy tenure.

Introduction and overview

Role in the church

Memories of Nigeria

Memories of Cuba

Church of the Brethren identity

Remembering Ted Studebaker

Telling the Church of the Brethren story

Memories of China