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Playlist: June 2022

This playlist reflects themes from the June issue of Messenger. To listen to the Spotify list, you will need to create a (free) account.

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Messenger June 2022 table of contents
Table of contents for the June 2022 Messenger

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Music for this month’s playlist was selected by Allison Snyder, Brethren Historical Library and Archives. She writes:

Inspired particularly by the creative imagery of the old, country church, the music I selected for this month sought to capture two themes: nostalgia and community building. There is a melancholy to nostalgia and community building has its challenges so some of the songs reflect that. The themes of the song “Creature” permeates this collection, mostly due to it being a chronic and comfortable listen for me that validates and celebrates struggle in a stark and laid- bare honesty (YouTube comments sometimes run amok but reading through those for that song, was uplifting nonetheless). Likewise, many of these songs, especially the hymns, act as a sort of comfort listen and a homecoming of some sort for me. The duality of emotions interwoven in the articles of both melancholy and hope in community building and remembrance is something I hoped to accomplish with this playlist, and I hope we continue to celebrate the “beauty of discovering” Half Alive sings about and the blessing that come with striving together to live into God’s blessed community. Also, I know Encanto is a wonderful, but probably overplayed, masterpiece, especially in homes with kids but what better example do we have of Jesus in the Neighborhood (or family) than that ending piece?

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