Playlists | January 4, 2022

Playlist: Jan/Feb Messenger

This playlist reflects themes from the January/February issue of Messenger. To listen to the Spotify list, you will need to create a (free) account.

Spotify playlist

YouTube playlist

Table of contents for the January/February 2022 Messenger

The full January/February issue is only available to subscribers, but a few of this month’s articles appear online:

Music for this month’s playlist was selected by Jan Fischer Bachman, web editor.

I am sure that you won’t like every song, so feel free to fast forward! I hope that you’ll discover some new artists from around the world. It was snowing when I chose the Spotify songs, so, reflecting the muffled, peaceful world around me, slow songs show up more than they should. I’m a violinist, so I couldn’t help including some pieces with beautiful violin parts!

The YouTube list has different music because of availability and images. I realize Guns and Roses is an unusual pick to end the list (and the images are a bit iffy). The whistling reminded me of a dear man who would whistle his way through church services – and the message “All we need is just a little patience” seemed to fit Frank Ramirez’ essay well.

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