Doctrine of Discovery

Messenger Sankofa Journey articles featuring writing by Belita Mitchell, Nancy Sollenberger Heishman, Drew Hart, and Josh Brockway, plus “180 years of statements on race” compiled by Gimbiya Kettering

Christian Citizenship Seminar 2017 post by Josiah Ludwick

July 12, 2016, Statement from Congregational Life Ministries following Charleston Church Massacre

September 2017, Northern Indiana District Conference Resolution “We Reaffirm that Racism is a Sin Against God and Our Neighbors”

Letter from Annual Conference moderator Andy Murray about the Orlando shooting.

Carta de Andy Murray, moderador de la Conferencia Anual, sobre la tragedia en Orlando

Messenger article: Guided by God by Darla K. Deardorff

Reflections on Race: Special Report (Feb 2015)

April 25, 1968, Messenger Magazine, Editorial Obituary for Martin Luther King Jr.

Tom Wilson’s statement to the 1963 Annual Conference

1897 Tract entitled “Life of Elder Samuel Weir” by Landon West
Life of Elder Samuel Weir, Part 1

Print version, included in 
Old Brethren: People of Wisdom and Simplicity Speak to Our Time

September 17, 1862: Battle of Antietam, Sharpsburg MD

Annual Conference statements

Letter from Birmingham Jail

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