Igreja da Irmandade-Brasil

The Church of the Brethren in Brazil (Igreja da Irmandade-Brasil) is relatively young and emerging in character. It seeks to live out a holistic gospel that reflects the full teachings of Jesus with emphasis on love of God and neighbor. As a result, the congregations usually engage in some type of service to their community. This message is countercultural in Brazil and sets the church apart from many other denominations.

Suely and Marcos Inhauser

The work in Brazil is led by Marcos and Suely Inhauser, graduates of Bethany Theological Seminary, who had a passion to take their new-found denomination back to their homeland.

Marcos characterizes the Brazilian church as “Anabaptist in theology with a Brazilian spicy flavoring.” A strong sense of community has emerged as people engage each other’s lives and also reflect on God’s Word together.

Regular training events for pastors and lay leaders have been important for nurturing community and to strength and clarify Brethren identity and values. Additionally, the church holds an annual conference to enact business and worship together.

Marcos has created an eight-minute YouTube video explaining the beliefs and practices of the Church of the Brethren. It is in both Spanish and English. We invite you to view it here:

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