2022 Schedule

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Please use this key as a rough guide to what kind of work will be available each workcamp. Keep in mind that work projects at any site are subject to change.

emphasis on relational service
gardening and eco-service
construction, painting, etc.
soup bowl
food bank, soup kitchen
thrift store, packaging clothes

Junior High

Completed 6th to 8th grade

June 12-16 (25 participants) $285
food bank, soup kitchen thrift store, packaging clothes
Greetings from Roanoke! In this city nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, participants may serve with some of the following agencies: Roanoke Rescue Mission, Samaritan Inn, and RAM House. The Roanoke Rescue Mission was founded over 60 years ago and works to serve meals, provide shelter for men, women, and children each day, and assist thousands of families each year with clothing and shoes. RAM House works to help those that are homeless and poverty-stricken to move from dependency to self-sufficiency through financial aid, employment counseling, and a hot meal daily. The Samaritan Inn is an organization that provides daily meals as well as a daily worship service. Come to Roanoke to be hosted by First Church of the Brethren and to live in community with people from all walks of life.
June 19-23 (20 participants) $285
gardening and eco-service construction, painting, etc. food bank, soup kitchen
This FaithX trip partners with On Earth Peace to serve the Brethren Housing Association (BHA), which has a long history in the community. BHA helps to provide housing and social services to homeless individuals and families in the Harrisburg area. BHA also aids in the transition to permanent housing, the continuation or completion of educational goals, and job placement. Work with BHA could include renovations, yard work, painting, and cleaning. There may also be a chance to work with a local soup kitchen. Time will be split between working and learning about peace education, as well as assisting with Harrisburg First COB’s summer Vacation Bible School. Participants will stay at the Harrisburg First Church of the Brethren and will get the opportunity to explore Pennsylvania’s capital city.
June 27-July 1 (25 participants) $285
gardening and eco-service construction, painting, etc.
Join us amidst the golden cornfields and idyllic lakes of Indiana at one of the largest Church of the Brethren camps. Since 1925, Camp Alexander Mack (Camp Mack for short) has provided a safe place for ministry, experiencing nature, and connecting with friends—what started as a cornfield, this place holds special memories for so many people. We will work at camp and spend some time together in the great outdoors and camp buildings. Come say hello to the friendly staff and wildlife at Lake Waubee!
July 6-10 (20 Participants) $285
food bank, soup kitchen thrift store, packaging clothes food bank, soup kitchen
Make your way to the Great Plains a few days before Annual Conference in Omaha and join us just down the highway in Lincoln, Nebraska! Service here could include partnering with community gardens, food banks, or other missions caring for those in need in the community. Participants will be staying at Antelope Park Church of the Brethren and have the chance to visit the bustling capital of Nebraska.
August 1-5 (25 Participants) $285
food bank, soup kitchen thrift store, packaging clothes food bank, soup kitchen
Welcome to North Carolina’s foothills! This FaithX Trip partners with SPARK (Share Peace and Rekindle Kindness, Inc.) to serve the greater Winston-Salem area. SPARK’s vision is to serve people in the local community wherever they are by partnering with local organizations and faith communities. Serving with SPARK could include projects like community gardens, painting and light construction, and work in local homeless shelters. Participants will be staying at Burkhead United Methodist Church in downtown Winston-Salem. Come and enjoy the arts, innovation, and southern hospitality in North Carolina!


Age 18 and up

June 2-13* (20 participants) $750**
relational service construction, painting, etc.
Often referred to as the “land of a thousand hills,” Rwanda is known for its breathtaking scenery, exotic wildlife, and safari experiences. It is also home to a new Church of the Brethren community that is actively worshipping, praying, and training students to be theologians and peacemakers. The Rwanda Brethren are rapidly growing their community by reaching out to the marginalized Batwa Pygmy community, an indigenous group from the Great Lakes Region in Africa. During this FaithX trip, participants will engage in relational service, getting to know the four congregations and their various ministries. Most of the time will be spent in Gisenyi where participants will serve alongside our Rwandan brothers and sisters as they assist in construction projects to build new church buildings.
*Please take into account that travel time will add to these dates.
**Please also budget for the cost of a passport (if you don’t already have one) and a visa (about $100).
We Are Able Assistants
June 20-23 (10 participants*) $385
relational service food bank, soup kitchen
Join We Are Able, a FaithX experience for intellectually disabled youth and young adults. Participants serve for the week to assist the We Are Able participants as they work at Camp Swatara under the Blue Mountain in Pennsylvania. Have fun spending time with those with disabilities, helping to care for their needs, and serving side by side with them. Help to make it a great week for the We Are Able participants who are coming.
*Some experience with intellectually disabled people is preferred.

We Are Able

Age 16 to 30

June 20-23 (10 participants) $385
food bank, soup kitchen
Recognizing that everyone has gifts to share, this FaithX experience gives youth and young adults with intellectual disabilities an opportunity to serve at Camp Swatara under the Blue Mountain in Pennsylvania. Participants will serve together to sort, repackage, and distribute food through several organizations in the area. There will also be fun recreational outings which may include a bowling night, attending a concert or movie, or visiting a nature center. Join us in one of the best weeks of the summer!