Letter from Mike on death row in Ohio

Hey Rachel,

I’ve been sitting here thinking of you. I still don’t have a pen-friend so I thought I’d write you. I just need someone to talk with.

How’s everything going for you by now? I pray that this letter will arrive to discover you well and in good spirit. As for myself, I’m Blessed. My Mom told me that her preacher told them if someone asks you how you are, you shouldn’t say well, if you’re not. It’s best to just say you’re Blessed. So in the light of that, I’m truly Blessed and pray you are as well.

You probably know that we moved here [Chillicothe Correctional Institution in Ohio] 12-06-11 and it’s been almost two years. This place isn’t that bad (to be on death row). The only thing I don’t like is the cell door is made out of heavy wire and does nothing to block out the noise. It gets really loud in here.

I do like having a window I can open or shut when I want. There’s a tree right outside of the window. I really enjoy feeding and watching the birds. I really like being able to feed the birds. I liked feeding the birds I did when I was out there. Most time if you put up a bird feeder, it won’t be long before the squirrels come along. They are really fun to watch as well. I don’t care what you do, they’ll find a way to get to that seed. The only way to stop them is to put a steel post out in the middle of a field and the pole has an upside down funnel. That’s the only way. I had a feeder like that but a power line went over it and a squirrel would go out that power line and drop straight down. I looked out then and seen it and I just couldn’t figure it out. How did he get up there? Then I saw him do it. They’ll figure out a way if possible. I would move the food around in this tree so I could watch them figure it out. It was fun watching them.

We also have cats here. I enjoy feeding them as well. This is the first time in ten years I’ve had a window and able to feed the animals. I do enjoy it.

Well, guess I’ll let you go for now. I just wanted someone to write and share things with.

God Bless, Take Care and Best Wishes.

Yours Truly,

P.S. Have a nice day. I pray you find me a pen-friend soon. Thanks.