Gifts assessment

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Gifts assessment

Discovering and utilizing spiritual gifts is one of the most exciting adventures a person can have with God. At the most basic level, the gifts of the Spirit are pure grace. Paul is clear in both Romans and I Corinthians that the presence of the Holy Spirit among the gathered believers in Christ is a gift of God. This holy presence, then, specifically gifts persons in the community in ways that might contribute to the ministry of the church.

Gifts are not special talents latent in members of the community of faith, nor are they skills that are developed over time. As gifts of grace, they come as part of the life of faith and are given for ministry and mission, with each person offering a gifted ministry that is lived out in unique ways.

Scripture highlights that spiritual gifts are a reflection of God’s nature that we carry within us. By discovering and utilizing your gifts you will find great passion, joy, and satisfaction. You will not, however, be discerning your spiritual gifts alone. Once you’ve thought about what some of your gifts might be, you will continue your discernment process by also asking others who know you well to identify your spiritual gifts. Your gifts will then be further determined by combining the results of your self-assessment and the input you receive from others.

As you continue to connect to God and others throughout this process, you will develop a richer understanding of the gifts you have received at your baptism. Your giftedness will become a place of deep spiritual formation. When you utilize a spiritual gift, you can sense the pleasure of God.