Spiritual Gifts

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Vital Passions, Holy Practices:
Exploring Spiritual Gifts

Not just another gifts assessment tool, Vital Passions, Holy Practices is a resource created from a Brethren perspective to discern gifts and passions in community.

It starts with a small group Bible study, meeting to examine and pray about how scripture describes spiritual gifts.

Those same groups then work together toward a community-based assessment of their individual gifts, including both a self-assessment and affirmation from others.

But it’s not just about gifts, it’s also about our passions, what motivates us. Find out through questions like:

  • What conversation topics energize you and keep you talking?
  • Who are the people whose need touches the depths of your heart?
  • What have people asked you to do or help with that you would love to do more of?

Many gifts assessments end there, or at best help people plug into existing ministries. But what if there is another way? What if we re-imagine ministry based on the gifts of our people, as well as the collective gifts of the congregation?

…And what if we end up with a passion-driven faith community, fully using the gifts of the body to strengthen each other and all God’s people?

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