Selecting a life plan community

Questions to consider

  • What are your long-term goals?
  • Who are you considering this for?
  • How is your Life Plan evolving?
  • When is the right time for you to take action?
  • How is your family responsibility role transitioning?

What is a Life Plan Community?

  • A Life Plan Community is a continuing care retirement community (CCRC).
  • Why is the name transitioning?
    1. Baby boomers do not view retirement like their predecessors. They are planners who are self-directed and want a future full of possibilities. They are planning for the life they want to lead.
    2. A Life Plan Community allows “planning” and “living” to merge. Having a plan in place allows for living life to the fullest.
    3. Although care remains an integral component of our services, we offer a wider offering for today’s seniors.

Factors to consider when selecting a Life Plan Community

  • Location: Is the facility close to family and friends who will be visiting?
  • Cost: What is included in cost of care? How are extra items billed? What is the price difference between private and semi-private rooms?
  • Facility certification & financial matters: Is the facility certified by Medicare and Medicaid? How long has the facility been certified?
  • Specialty care available: Does the facility have an Alzheimer’s unit or short-term rehab wing?
  • Preventive care: Does the facility make sure residents get preventive care to keep them healthy?
  • Cleanliness & safety: Does the facility have a clean and safe environment?
  • Activities: What kinds of activities are offered each day for residents? Are there outings that take place for the residents?
  • Religious needs: Does the Life Plan Community offer religious support?
  • Employees: How are employees selected? Are they screened for drug use, criminal records and other potential problems?
  • Food: How does the food taste? Do the residents get a choice in what they eat? Are the meals served hot if food is supposed to be hot and cold if food is supposed to be cole?

Who do I contact if I am looking for a Life Plan Community?

  • Ask your doctor, family, friends, neighbors and clergy what experiences they have with long-term care.
  • Ask hospital discharge planners or social workers for recommendations especially if you’re in the hospital.
  • Contact a social service agency long term care ombudsman.
  • Contact your local Agency on Aging for recommendations.

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