Congregational Vitality Survey

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What is it?

The congregational vitality survey is an online instrument that provides a snapshot of a congregation’s life with respect to eleven key characteristics of vitality.

How does it work?

Church members, friends and attendees are given a link to complete the survey. Once the designated participation period is over, a summary report is produced for the congregation.

What happens with the report?

The report includes a summary which identifies the experienced vitality within the congregation and draws correlations based on the eleven key characteristics. Congregational Life Ministries staff meet with congregational leaders to help interpret the data.

Who gets to see the report?

The report provides the foundation for conversation, discernment, planning and decision-making within the congregation. The report is given to congregational leadership who will determine how the information is shared within the congregation.

The report is shared with the District Executive Minister, who is a partner in supporting congregational vitality.

The survey data also joins an aggregate pool of research for all congregations participating in the survey. Your congregation’s data is anonymously entered into this broader survey.

What does it cost?

The congregation is responsible for the following costs:

  • Survey Administration: $99 for less than 100 surveys; $149 for 100-199 surveys; $249 for 200 or more surveys. Survey administration includes all aspects of online survey participation, report, and initial phone/video consultation on results.
  • Consulting and planning: Additional fees could include travel of staff to an onsite consultation, congregational leadership coaching, strategic planning support, or other services identified as essential to next steps.

How do we get started?

To explore participation in the congregational vitality survey, talk to your District Executive Minister today, or contact Discipleship Ministries at:
Phone: 847-429-4303