While all ministry gifts are welcome in the church, there are particular qualities, traits, and skills that make it more likely that a church planter will thrive in the challenges of new church development.

There are two steps to begin.

First, contact your district office to indicate your interest in exploring church planting ministries. You can find your office on this map of districts in the United States.

Second, take the initial church planter assessment. The steps to follow are:

  1. Register as a planter.
  2. On the registration form it will ask you to choose a church planting agency to assess your profile. From the drop down menu. Select “Church of the Brethren”.
  3. Once you have completed registration, take the Initial Screening Assessment© (ISA) .
  4. After you finish the Initial Screening Assessment© (ISA), you will have access to your results. Your results will also be sent to the appropriate district.
  5. Once the district receives your results, a district representative will be in touch with you to discuss your gifts for planting.

Questions? Email us or call 1-847-429-4303.