Staunton partners with Renewing Homes

Men sawing a board in front of a mobile home.
Shenandoah district ramp project. Photo by G. Halterman.

Frank Allman was looking for ways to help others during his retirement when the Witness Commission of Shenandoah District put out an invitation to a presentation about renewing homes for people who are disabled, semi-disabled, or elderly. He and a dozen others signed up as volunteers, and a partnership was born between Staunton (Va.) Church of the Brethren and Renewing Homes in Greater Augusta.

The goal is to make homes safe, warm, dry, and accessible. Volunteers have completed four projects, including constructing a ramp to improve access to a home. Plans are to continue assisting Renewing Homes with their backlog of 50 approved projects. —Brenda Sanford Diehl

This article originally appeared in Messenger magazine.

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