Haxtun sews good works

Haxtun (Colo.) Church of the Brethren’s “Sew Blessed” group was recently highlighted by The Haxtun-Fleming Herald. The group meets each week to sew items for children and older adults both locally and internationally. The group recycles donated items, from T-shirts to pillowcases, to make new clothing and other items.

“If Grandma or Aunt Grace want to clean out their house, we will take whatever they want to give us,” Sew Blessed founder Maureen Waite told reporter Jean Gray. Donations also come via several local community organizations.

Maureen Waite next to shelf full of fabric
Sew Blessed founder Maureen Waite. Photo courtesy of Sew Blessed.

International shipments have gone to places including Honduras, Guam, the Philippines, and Africa, with more than 500 dresses, as well as shorts and baby hats, being shipped to date, according to the report. They have also sent pillowcases, walker bags, and dignity bibs to local nursing homes and various supplies to a local daycare center. Quilts and afghans have also been created for fundraisers.

In another recent effort, they have made and given out more than 100 cloth shopping bags to encourage people to reduce their use of plastic. “Members are always coming up with ideas for items we can make,” Waite said.

Other group members include Kay Wernsman, Teri Wernsman, Barb Wernsman, Kathy Schaefer, Alice Mathews, Maxine Brandt, Linda Alberts, Loretta Gibbs, and Jeanette Poos.

Woman holding handmade bag
Teri Wernsman with supplies. Photo courtesy of Sew Blessed.

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