Mount Morris thanks Pinecrest staff

Peace pole in front of church building
Mount Morris Church of the Brethren

Following the news of the sale of the Pinecrest Community, a member of Mount Morris (Ill.) Church of the Brethren–which is located just down the street from Pinecrest–decided they wanted to do something to support the retirement community’s staff.

The member, who wished to remain anonymous, decided to send a $20 gift card for a local supermarket to every staff member. They asked that the congregation send the cards with a letter of support to the employees, about 150 in all.

And so, on Nov. 28, a letter signed by pastor Rodney Caldwell, moderator Brenda Nevenhoven, and leadership team chair Dianne Swingel accompanied the gift, beginning: “Thank you for your compassionate service to the residents of Pinecrest Community.”

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