McPherson creates “Jesus in the Neighborhood” initiative

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Messenger feature on McPherson Church of the Brethren’s “Jesus in the Neighborhood” program.

This year the McPherson Church of the Brethren established plans for “Jesus in the Neighborhood,” an initiative supporting a denominational-wide effort to serve as disciples through relationship-based neighborhood engagement. Congregational feedback resulted in the church adopting four ACTIONS to support the local community. Those actions include Caring for Creation; Engaging in Service & Peacemaking; Supporting Youth, Family & Young Adults and Partnering for Racial Justice.

Care for Creation

Action I includes the following goals:

  • Local Projects: nature trails, tree planting, highway clean-up
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of McPherson Church of the Brethren facility
  • Solar array installed on church buildings
  • Collaborate with other churches on care of creation

Project Highlights:

  • E-Waste Project
  • Butterfly Garden

Engage in Service & Peacemaking

Action II includes the following goals:

  • Assist/partner with persons in poverty
  • Annual work week with local Habitat for Humanity
  • Build community getting to know actual neighbors
  • Communications training how to relate to differing views

Project Highlights:

  • Oak Harbor Cottages Project
  • Hutchinson Correctional Facility Visitation & Pen Pal Program

Support Youth, Families & Young Adults

Action III includes the following goals:

  • Create/staff a coffee house aimed at young adults & McPherson College students
  • House and staff an after-school tutoring program for youth
  • Prioritize church programming for needs of young families
  • Collaborate with McPherson College to get a Spiritual Life Director

Project Highlights:

  • Good Beginnings Preschool
  • Washington Elementary Tutoring Program

Partner for Racial Justice

Action IV includes the following goals:

  • Seek guidance from Morningstar Baptist Church on actions to deter local racial discrimination
  • Become a Sanctuary Congregation
  • Partner with McPherson College to host events promoting racial community

Project Highlights:

  • How to Fight Racism Book Study
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