Fairview renovates building

By John P. Evans, III

Fairview Church of the Brethren, located in rural Cordova, Md., recently underwent a $1.5 million renovation.

“The purpose of this renovation was to add more space, a baptismal pool, a larger kitchen and dining area, classrooms, elevator, and more,” said Bruce Marvel, contractor for the renovations and a member of Fairview.

Fairview Church of the Brethren
Fairview Church of the Brethren in Cordova, Maryland. Photo by Linda Evans.

Marvel’s familiarity with the historical significance of the church came in handy because it enabled him to retain the look and feel of “before and after.” Other members of the church also played a significant role in the project. Money was and still is being raised internally through a “matching funds” campaign that continues to reduce the debt.

Pastor Bob Davis, who was a member of the congregation before he was called to be its leader, said the changes have been the hope of many members for years.

“To have undertaken this renovation when we did, with the COVID-19 virus at full effect, and at a time when a lot of churches are losing members, was something incredible. It truly is a blessing,” Davis said. “I feel so blessed to have been part of it all. For many of the older members, this had been a long-time vision. It has been spiritually uplifting.”

John Earl Hutchison, 82, is one of the oldest congregants and has attended Fairview for close to 75 years. “I like (the new church). A lot of money was spent on the renovations,” said Hutchison. “I hope we will grow as a church.”

Fairview, originally named for its “fair view” of the beautiful countryside, celebrated its 129th anniversary Oct. 1, 2022.

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