Prince of Peace offers open mic nights

Prince of Peace Church of the Brethren in Littleton, Colorado, recently received a grant of $5,000 from the Brethren Faith in Action fund to support the enhancement of AV equipment for the congregation’s monthly Blues/Pop Music Open Mic night.

As part of an effort to be Jesus in the Neighborhood, the congregation provides a place to celebrate local live music and the people who support it. Open Mic offers a safe place for people to experience the love of Jesus, and invite them back for other church activities, provides a safe and supportive community to encourage and mentor new talent and support experienced musicians with a place to share their talent, provides a safe space for the community to gather and break free from isolation and loneliness due to the COVID pandemic, and introduces the live music community to the congregation’s version of Jesus in the Neighborhood.

Church members volunteer to help with Open Mic to sustain the project. The church provides the meeting space, marketing, sound system, and hospitality, including coffee and snacks. In addition, people can support the outreach ministry through free-will donations. The church will also continue its support from its budget.

Grant funds support the enhancement of sound equipment, event promotion, snacks, and a stipend for the backline band.

Ad for Prince of Peace open mic night showing musician singing
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