Ridgely worships with neighbors

On a Sunday last September, Ridgely (Md.) Church of the Brethren walked across the street to join the service at Jericho Faith Deliverance Church, with Brethren pastor Ken George giving the sermon. The favor was returned in October when Jericho joined Ridgely in worship, with Phyllis Duckery of the Ridgely congregation providing the sermon.

Although the churches have different styles of worship, they recognize that what’s important is who we worship. In that regard, the churches are of one mind. Experiencing one another’s worship builds a bridge that connects diversities and helps to foster understanding and a true fellowship in Christ.

The churches hope to repeat this exchange and make it a regular event. —Ken George

Pastor Phyllis Duckery giving the sermon at Ridgely Church of the Brethren in Maryland.

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