COVID-19 resources for children and families

Our prayer for families facing this challenging time is that they will find ways to connect in meaningful ways. We ask you to remember this is not a time to expect perfection. It will be hard, but we remain hopeful that families can navigate this new environment with success. Working from home may be new, kids schooling at home may be new, feeling stressed from the unknowns is normal and the combination of all three puts an ever greater emphasis on just taking it one day at a time. You are doing a great job!

Children’s Disaster Services staff has been reviewing resources and selecting ones that we feel are most beneficial to share to help families feel connected and successful. You will find below our latest suggestions.

  • If you have access to Facebook, Children’s Disaster Services has a  Facebook page and we have been regularly sharing new resources there so, for the latest updates, we encourage you to like us on Facebook.
  • The  Church of the Brethren Parent Connection Facebook group is “a place where parents can gather to discuss current topics, find support, and connect with one another”.  Members share resources, ideas and challenges related to parenting, particularly as everyone navigates the current COVID-19 environment.
    As a private group (posts can’t be seen outside the group), it provides a safe, faith-based place where parents can connect, ask each other questions and talk about what has or hasn’t worked for them. The group is moderated by the Church of the Brethren’s Children and Family Committee. Contact for more information.

Faith Communities keeping children and youth safe

Many Covid-19 resources available

Talking with kids about coronavirus

Download this helpful book written by former Children’s Disaster Services associate director Kathy Fry-Miller

Helping children and families cope during the COVID-19 pandemic

Helping children deal with grief and loss

Faith-based resources and curriculum

Devotional videos for children

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Educational resources

Fun activities and interactive resources