Older Adults

Brethren Volunteer Service has always been interested in providing opportunities for older adult volunteers. Older adult volunteers are welcome in any of the orientation units that are offered each year, and almost all volunteer assignments are available to older adults. The determining factors in project and assignment choices are the interest of the volunteer and one’s abilities to do the required work.

The program for older adults offers several options that are different from the regular BVS process, including:

Come check us out: Older adults have the unique opportunity to attend the orientation to explore volunteering without making a commitment to serve. In this case, the application process still needs to be completed.

Term of service: Older adult volunteers can choose to serve for six months instead of a year. Most BVS projects accept six-month terms. Volunteers interested in some international assignments may be expected to commit for two years. Inquire with BVS staff about these projects.

Medical insurance: Full medical insurance is available to those volunteers taking a full-time BVS assignment for a minimum of six months. However, many older adults already have medical insurance coverage through Medicare or a retirement plan and are asked to keep this coverage.

Transportation: Volunteers are expected to cover their own costs to orientation, and In the case of six-month assignments, BVS asks older adults to cover all the transportation costs related to getting to and from their project assignment. BVS assumes that many older adults will want to have their own cars at project, and this will be encouraged. If older adult volunteers need assistance in covering transportation costs to projects, please ask BVS about this.

Application: Older adult applicants should use the same BVS application and provide at least three references. When educational or employment references are not relevant, personal or church references may be substituted.

Project selection: Older adults will follow the same basic process of project selection as other BVS volunteers. As with all BVS projects, availability for taking a volunteer can change with each orientation unit. BVS will post an up-to-date placement list about one month prior to the beginning of the unit.

Project start date:The starting date for the project assignment is negotiable depending on the needs of the volunteer and the project.

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