Insurance Coverage

Liability Insurance

BVS expects that the project site carries appropriate and adequate liability insurance.


Volunteers in BVS are provided medical coverage, if needed, beginning the first day of orientation. This is a Cigna plan that aligns with requirements of the Affordable Care Act; it is set up in such a way that the volunteer will not be expected to pay most medical costs. The plan also includes medical evacuation coverage for those serving internationally.

Special notes about the plan are as follows:

  • The volunteer will be given detailed information about the plan while at orientation and will receive a medical insurance card and more information after arriving at project.
  • Projects have the option to place the volunteer on a medical plan provided by the project. BVS will work with the project to ensure that the medical plan provides adequate coverage.
  • If you are currently covered under a family or independent medical plan, we encourage you to consider continuing that coverage if possible. Volunteers who maintain their own medical coverage will be responsible for all medical costs.
  • If the volunteer has other coverage such as Medicare or a retirement medical plan, enrollment in the BVS medical plan is optional.
  • The volunteer will be responsible for medical expenses that are not covered under the medical plan.
  • Volunteers will be covered to the end of the month of their end of service date. The medical plan is not available for purchase after your term of service.


The medical insurance plan does not cover dental and optical costs; however, limited dental and optical assistance is provided through BVS. BVS will pay 50% of any dental and optical needs up to $100, per volunteer year. (Example: if optical costs are $150, BVS pay $75, if optical costs are $250, BVS pay $100). BVS will pay up to $100 for dental and $100 for optical expenses.

Personal Items

BVS does not carry insurance to cover theft, loss or damage to personal items including but not limited to cell phones, computers, cars, bikes, and cameras.