1129: World Friendship Center

Nishi-ku Hiroshima, Japan

The World Friendship Center promotes peace through classes, Peace Park tours and Hibakusha (A-bomb survivor) story scheduling, and by participating in a variety of community based Peace activities.

Website: https://wfchiroshima.com/english/

Job Descriptions

World Friendship Center (WFC), founded as a peace center in 1965, seeks Co-Directors to manage and operate international guest services which includes scheduling, welcoming and correspondence, breakfast preparation, serving guests, cleaning and maintenance duties. Co-Directors teach weekly English conversation and translation classes ranging from basic abilities to advanced topics. Peace activities are promoted through classes, Peace Park tours, Hibakusha (A-bomb survivor) story scheduling, and by attending a variety of community based Peace activities. Co-Directors oversee financial and correspondence operations including updating the website, presenting the Director’s Report for Board of Directors monthly meeting, and participates in a wide variety of community activities and events. Requirements: Maturity, two-year commitment, concern for peace, computer and other office skills, and basic repair knowledge are prerequisites. Stamina and good health are helpful – the location of the center requires considerable walking and bike riding. Interest in the Japanese language and culture, the ability to speak and write clearly and to work with others is required. A college degree is helpful but not essential. A married couple is preferred. The selection for this position is usually made eight months or more in advance of the spring available date.

Please read the statement about volunteering overseas in the FAQ section