Brethren Historical Committee

Brethren Historical Committee and Archival Intern in the woods

The role of the Brethren Historical Committee
Members of the committee are appointed by the Executive Committee of the Mission and Ministry Board for a term of four years beginning July 1, with one term expiring each year. The director of BHLA serves as the secretary and staff liaison for the committee.

The responsibilities of the committee are to:

  • Stimulate interest in Brethren history.
  • Give direction to publications on Brethren history by means of counsel with the book and Messenger editors.
  • Encourage historical research and suggest subjects to researchers.
  • Encourage the study of Brethren history by students and others.
  • Initiate and conduct historical research on behalf of the church.
  • Approve general policies for the operation of the Brethren Historical Library and Archives.
  • Serve as advisory/consultative group for the BHLA director.

Brethren Historical Committee members

  • Stephen Longenecker (2023)
  • Denise Kettering-Lane (2024)
  • Tim Binkley (2025)
  • Kelley Brenneman (2026)
  • Jen Houser, Director, Brethren Historical Library and Archives (ex-officio)