Title:                                                    Donald F. Durnbaugh Papers (1927-2005)


Series:                                                  18/


Boxes:                                     14 records center cartons



Donald F. (Floyd) Durnbaugh was born in Michigan on November 16, 1927, the son of Floyd and Ruth Durnbaugh.  He attended Manchester College where he was greatly influenced by the life and teaching of noted peace educator, Gladdys Muir.  Following college he entered the third Brethren Volunteer Service (BVS) unit, the first unit to be sent to Germany.  He served there from 1949-1951.  While directing a peace seminar in Vienna he met Hedwig (Hedda) Raschka, who was working with a Brethren work camp.  They were married in 1952 and became the parents of three children, Paul, Chris, and Renata.


When Don returned home he earned his masters degree from the University of Michigan.  He was later to receive his doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania.  He returned to Austria in 1953, serving as director of Brethren Service work until 1956.


There followed a long and distinguished career of teaching and writing.  He taught history at Juniata College from 1958-1962.  He then became a professor at Bethany Theological Seminary, serving there till 1989.  During his last year on the Bethany staff he was on leave to serve as the Good Lecturer at Juniata College.   He then became the first Carl W. Ziegler Professor of Religion and History at Elizabethtown College, teaching there until 1993.  He became the first Young Center Fellow in 1993.  He served on the Young Center Advisory Committee from 1998-2004.


He never really fully retired; at least he never stopped working.  Following his time teaching at Elizabethtown College he returned to James Creek near Huntingdon where he and Hedda had established a home.  They both worked as volunteer archivists for Juniata College.  While Don was working with Young Center projects he made many trips back and forth between Elizabethtown and Huntingdon.


Don became known as the leading historian for the Church of the Brethren.  He first gained this recognition for his extensive research in Europe for the book European Origins of the Brethren, followed by another source book, The Brethren in Colonial America.  He served on the Brethren Historical Committee for most of the years from 1955-2004. 


Continuing the work of historical writing, he tackled the task of editing The Brethren Encyclopedia, with volumes I, II, and III published in 1883-1984.  He and Dale Ulrich served as co-editors of Volume IV, published in 2005, though his death preceded the final publication.   The first three volumes of the encyclopedia were a cooperative product of the five Brethren bodies which trace their common origins to Schwarzenau, Germany.  By the time the fourth volume was produced, there was a newly formed sixth cooperating body.


The idea for the encyclopedia came from M.R. Zigler, one of Don’s early mentors in the European work and one of his heroes as well  Don later wrote Zigler’s biography, titled Pragmatic Prophet.  His final book, a massive narrative history of the church titled Fruit of the Vine was published in 1997.


Don also pulled together the first Brethren World Assembly in 1992 which was held at the Young Center for the Study of Anabaptist and Pietist Groups.  The participants in this assembly were of the same five bodies which had cooperated on the encyclopedia.


Durnbaugh was a popular lecturer both in the classroom and in church and Sunday School events.  He led tour groups to visit Church of the Brethren historical sites in Germany, kept up a demanding speaking schedule, wrote widely for both English and German publications, served long years on many boards and committees, and remained one who could converse with equal ease in educated or simple circles. In 1986 he served as Moderator of the Church of the Brethren, the highest elective office in the church.  He was chair of the committee preparing for the 2008 300th anniversary celebration of the Church of the Brethren at the time of his sudden death in 2005.


Description of the Records:

Box 1 contains some general subject files which did not fit into the other sub-groups.  Box 2 includes several bibliographies, along with encyclopedia records.  The latter continue into Box 3 and Box 4.  They are sub-divided by volume with the bulk relating to Volume IV.  Records for the first three volumes were previously added to BHLA and can be found in Record Group 13/ .  There is a separate subgroup of Encyclopedia Board records.


Boxes 4 and 5 contain records of his long years on the Brethren Historical Committee, the Brethren Journal Association, and the Brethren World Assembly.  Box  5 also contains correspondence, including personal family letters.  



Boxes 6 and 7 are labeled Education and are further divided by school.  They include both his papers as a teacher and his work as a student.  The sub-groups for Manchester, University of Michigan, and University of Pennsylvania are almost completely his own student work, while the remaining school sub-groups contain the contents of courses which he taught.


Box 8 begins with a sub-group of encyclopedias, many to which he contributed articles.  It also begins (carried on into Box 9) the sub-groups relating to Germany, many of them written in the German language.  This is further divided into general files, work for the Brethren Service Commission (especially refugee resettlement), and Schwarzenau material.


Box  9 and 10 include files from various organizations to which he belonged,  most being history-related groups.   It also includes files on M.R. Zigler and On Earth Peace (OEP), now known as On Earth Peace Assembly).  The OEP files are a mixture of materials generated by Durnbaugh and Zigler.


The remainder of Box 10 contains the sub-group of speeches.  Some of these are actual speeches noted by the title on the folder label, some are untitled or hard to read handwritten notes, and some are correspondence and bulletins related to Durnbaugh’s speaking engagements.  In his later years, when he was much in demand for local anniversary celebrations, he frequently used the speech “A Cloud of Witnesses.”


Box 11, in addition to containing some legal size folders which did not fit into earlier boxes, contain material collected to develop a travel guide of Brethren sites and markers, a project begun by Kenneth I. Morse and not completed by either Durnbaugh or Morse.  It also contains a sub-group of material on the Young Center.




Accession #2007.033 was transferred to BHLA by Hedda Durnbaugh.  The records were mostly generated by Don, with a few files from M.R. Zigler (MRZ).


Restrictions:                            None



Books, theses, and papers which BHLA already has in its collection were removed to be cataloged as second copies or placed with the excess book collection.  They are as follows:


Blanchard, Scott, Living with Dying

Brown, Dale W., Brethren and Pacifism

Christian Family Companion, 1870 (bound periodical)

Dierdorff, Lee H., Genealogical Facts and Stories . . .

Ebey, Bob and Ruth, Ebey Family History

Fry, Linda L., A Study of the Architecture . . .

Hadley, Norval, Ed., New Call to Peacemaking

History of the UNRRA Brethren Service Unit

Kinsey, Samuel, The Parable of the “Supper”

Kochheiser, Gary M., The Doctrine of Nonresistance,” Thesis

Lefever, Ernest, A Report on the Administration of Social Action . .

Logan, Linda, Fruit of the Vine: A Study Guide

Lorsong, Gernot G., Taufe Uns, Alexander

Martin, Harold S., Glimpses of the Past

               Under His Wings

Moore, J.H., Trine Immersion

Myers, Valley D., Step-Kin Stories

Pious Youth, 1871 (bound periodical)

Plum, Ed, A Brief History of the New Dunkard Church of God

Report of the Proceedings of the 1998 Brethren World Assembly

Schwalm, Vernon F., My Educational Pilgrimage

Shelly, Maynard, New Call for Peacemakers

Shull, Merlin G., History of the Brethren Service Commission . .

Skiles, John and Amanda, Jacob  W. Skiles.

Stentz, Howard W., Andreas Frey

Thomason, Kermon, Fifty Miles for Fifty Years

             The Missionary and the Major

Von-Hutten, Ulrich, A Review of the Modern Tunker . . .

Wieand, Albert C., An Analytic Diagram. . .

Wierbach, Eugene S., David Studebaker

Wurstner, Betty, Genealogy of the Matthias Nead Family in America

Ziegler, Carl Wenger, A Genealogy of John Ziegler and . . . .

Ziegler, Jesse, Ziegler Family Record

Books, theses, and papers which BHLA did not already own but will probably add to its library collection are as follows:


Boyer, Bryan, The Current Philosophy and Situation . . .

Deeter, Allan C., An Historical and Theological . . .  (2 volumes)

Eshbach, Warren M., Plural Ministry (Thesis)

Hinks, Donald R. Brethren Hymn Books . . .  (pre-publication)

Flora, Talbert Ted, A History of the Eby . . .

Frantz, Michael, Simple Doctrinal Considerations . . .

Heckler, James Y., Rudolph Harley

Keeney, William, Lordship as Servanthood

Miller, Donald E., Sozial-Okonomische Studie . . .

Mow, Anna B., Brethren Identity for Peacemaking

Reflections on the Theological Exploration of Vocation

Relief for Greece

Outlines of Discourses (Mt. Morris College)

Rohrer, Perry L., Frontier Boys Club

Smeltzer, Ralph E., The History of Brethren Service . . .

Stoner, John K., Called to be Peacemakers

VorMenigheds Historie


Items which were transferred to other BHLA collections if needed and discarded if not included several newsletters (“Brethren Encyclopedia News”, “Max Kade Center for German American Studies”,  “Max Kade Institute Friends Newsletter”,  “Brethren Heritage Center Recorder”, “Dasschone Wittgenstein”, “Die Heimat”, “Pennsylvania Folklife”, and others).  Many brochures, pamphlets, and booklets were checked against BHLA collections.  A CD and DVD from “A Place Apart” were added to media collections.  Duplicates of letters, brochures, and mimeographed widely circulated items were discarded.


Photographs were removed and placed in the BHLA photo files.  There was a large folder of Kalmuck Refugees and sets from The 1992 Brethren World Assembly and of the Encyclopedia Board. 


A set of books written in the German language were set aside to be checked with Hedda as to their significance to the collection and may be discarded.


Processor:                                Rosalita J. Leonard, August 29, 2007


Container List:         Subject Files


Box 1 Folder 1         250th Anniversary, Europe

                      2         250th Anniversary, USA

                      3         275th Anniversary

                      4         Annual Conference Study Committee, Church and State

                      5         Annual Conference Study Committee, Church and State Resources

                      6         Annual Conference, “That Bright Morning”, 1986

                      7         Brethren Historical Library and Archives

                      8         Brethren Volunteer Service Unit #3 Reunion, 1983

                      9         Bucks County Historical Society

                    10         Civilian Public Service Conference, 1990

                    11         Committee on Interchurch Relations, 1986-1988

                    12         Compact Disc, Brethren Origins

                    13         Conference on Faith and History

                    14         Cup of Cold Water

                    15         Deacon Study Committee

                    16         European Origins Research Material

                    17         Family

                    18         Fruit of the Vine, Brethren Press, Editing, Marketing

                    19         Fruit of the Vine, Reviews and Personal Responses

                    20         Fruit of the Vine, Sales Records

                    21         Future Events Scheduled

                    22         Germantown

                    23         Germantown Conservation Center

                    24         Kline, John

                    25         Kline, John, Correspondence, 1859-1861

                    26         Kline, John, Nair Material

                    27         Mennonite History

                    28         Middle District of PA

                    29         New Call to Peacemaking, 1977-1978

                    30         New Call to Peacemaking, 1978-1992

                    31         A Place Apart

                    32         Stone Church, Huntingdon, PA

                    33         Ulmann, Doris, Photographer

                    34         Valley Brethren-Mennonite Heritage Center

                    35         Wedding 1952




Box 2  Folder1         Brethren History Sources in Europe

                      2         Church of the Brethren History

                      3         Church of the Brethren History

                      4         Grace Brethren

                      5         India

                      6         Nigeria

                                 Brethren Encyclopedia


Box 2 Folder 7         Photo Collection Master List

                      8         Sales Brochures


                                 Brethren Encyclopedia, Volume I


                      9         A-Children’s Friend

                    10         Children’s Friend-J


                                 Brethren Encyclopedia, Volume II


                    11         K-M

                    12         N-R

                    13         S-Z


                                 Brethren Encyclopedia, Volume III


                    14         pp. 1403-1810

                    15         pp. 1811-end


                                 Brethren Encyclopedia, Volume IV


                    16         Articles

                    17         Articles

                    18         Articles

                    19         Articles, A

                    20         Articles, B

                    21         Articles, C

                    22         Articles, D-E

                    23         Articles, F-G

                    24         Articles, H-K

                    25         Articles, L

                    26         Articles, M

                    27         Articles, N-P

                    28         Articles, R-T

                    29         Articles, U-Z


                                 Brethren Encyclopedia, Volume IV (Continued)


Box 3 Folder 1         Articles in Electronic Form, 6/98

                      2         Article Drafts, 10/15/03, A-Groff

                      3         Article Drafts, 10/15/03, Grow-Z

                      4         Article Drafts, 10/16/04

                      5         Article Drafts, 02/02/04

                      6         Article and Lists Draft, n.d.

Box 3 (cont)  7         Article Tracking 4/13/00

                      8         Article Tracking, 2001-2002

                      9         Article Tracking, 2003

                    10         Bibliography, Early Draft

                    11         Bibliography, Late Draft

                    12         Bibliography, Sources

                    13         Bibliography, Sources

                    14         Book Reviews

                    15         Index, A-Dorsey

                    16         Index, Doss-Kunkel

                    17         Index, Kurtz-Quinter, Grace

                    18         Index, Quinter, James-Zwingli

                    19         Index Drafts

                    20         Promotion, Progress, Publicity

                    21         Revisions

                    22         Website


                                 Brethren Encyclopedia Board


B ox 4Folder 1         1985-1990

                      2         1990-1992

                      3         1993-1997

                      4         1998-2003

                      5         2002-2003

                      6         2003

                      7         2004

                      8         2004-2005


                                 Brethren Historical Committee


Box 4Folder 9         1955-1965

                    10         1966-1968

                    11         1969-1971

                    12         1973-1978

                    13         1977-1979

                    14         1979-1980

                    15         1981

                    16         1982-1984

                    17         1983-1985

                    18         1987-1998


                                 Brethren Historical Committee (Continued)


Box5 Folder  1         1990-1993

                      2         1992-1994

                      3         1994-1996

                      4         1997-1999

                      5         2000-2004


                                 Brethren Journal Association, Brethren Life and Thought


                      6         1980-1992

                      7         1993-1995

                      8         1996-2004


                                 Brethren World Assembly


                      9         1998


                                 Brethren World Assembly, 1992


                    10         Follow-up

                    11         Planners’ Meetings

                    12         Presenters, Responders, Conveners

                    13         Publicity

                    14         Schedules

                    15         Tours




                    16         Don to Hedda

                    17         Hedda to Don

                    18         Don to Family

                    19         Family to Don

                    20         Fasnacht, Ted

                    21         Hatfield, Bill

                    22         Muir, Gladdys

                    23         Selective Service

                    24         Elgin, 1950s-1960s

                    25         Elgin, 1970s

                    26         Elgin, 1980s

                    27         Elgin, 1990-2005




Box 6 Folder 1         Brethren Colleges Abroad

                      2         Bridgewater

                      3         Eastern Mennonite College Extension, Anabaptist History

                      4         Fellowship Applications

                      5         High School and Grade School

                      6         Institute of Mennonite Studies

                      7         Keystone Bible Institute,  Historic Peace Churches and Believers Church

                      8         Kochheiser Dissertation

                      9         Middle District of PA, Institute for Religious Studies

                    10         Middle District of PA, Ministry Education Committee

                    11         Peggy Yoder Dissertation

                    12         Pietism Studies Group


                                 Education, Bethany Theological Seminary


                    13         General

                    14         Centennial Homecoming, 2005

                    15         Credo, 1974-1975

                    16         Exploring Our Brethren Heritage, 1998


                                 Education, Elizabethtown College


                    17         Anabaptist and Pietist Groups, PA

                    18         Anabaptist and Pietist Groups Since 1850

                    19         Anabaptist and Pietist Groups Source Material

                    20         Anabaptist and Pietist Groups Syllabi

                    21         Anabaptist and Pietist Movements

                    22         Biblical History

                    23         Communal Societies

                    24         Durnbaugh Lectures

                    25         Elderhostel

                    26         History of  Christianity in America

                    27         Pacifism Among Anabaptist and Pietist Groups

                    28         Renaissance and Reformation

                    29         Topics in Western Civilization


                                 Education, Juniata College


Box 7 Folder 1         Archives

                      2         Correspondence, 1956-1968

                      3         Good Lectureship, 1988-1989

                      4         Good Lectureship, 1988-1989

                      5         Historic Peace Churches


                                 Education, Manchester


                      6         General

                      7         American Political Parties

                      8         Bases of Enduring Peace

                      9         Basic Philosophy of Peace

                    10         Chemistry

                    11         Economic History

                    12         Educational Psychology

                    13         European History

                    14         Expansion of Europe

                    15         French

                    16         Fundamentals of Sociology

                    17         History

                    18         History of the American Frontier

                    19         Latin American History

                    20         Literature

                    21         Medieval History

                    22         Philosophy of Civilizations

                    23         Political Science

                    24         Principals of Teaching

                    25         Reading Course

                    26         Secondary Education

                    27         U.S. History


                                 Education, Susquehanna Valley Satellite


                    28         General

                    29         Believers Church

                    30         Brethren Life and Thought

                    31         History of the Christian Church


                                 Education, University of Michigan


                    32         American Life and Thought

                    33         History

                    34         Intellectual History of Medieval Europe

                    35         Political Science

                    36         Religious Thought

                    37         Student Records


                                 Education, University of Pennsylvania


                    38         Byzantine Empire

                    39         Correspondence

                    40         Diplomatic History of Europe

                    41         European History

                    42         History

                    41         History of the Book

                    42         Student Records




Box 8 Folder 1         Brethren in Christ Encyclopedia

                      2         Concise Encyclopedia

                      3         German-American Encyclopedia

                      4         International Encyclopedia of Religious Biography

                      5         Routledge International Encyclopedia of Peace


                                 German, Germany, Austria


                      6         Benz

                      7         Brethren History, Krefeld

                      8         German Script

                      9         Historische Kommission zur Erforschung des Pietismus

                    10         Mack Day Book

                    11         Meier, Marcus

                    12         Pastorius Heim

                    13         Siegerlander und Wittgensteiner Book

                    14         Tour, Bad Berleburg

                    15         Tour Photographs, digital printouts

                                 Newspaper articles, not photocopied [See Box 11, Folder]


                                 German, Germany, Austria, BSC


                    16         BVS

                    17         BVS Certificate

                    18         Correspondence, 1953-1963

                    19         Correspondence, 1950s, 1960s

                    20         Diaries, 1949-1951

                    21         Historical Tour, 1958

                    22         Identity Card, Austria

                    23         Kalmuck Narrative Reports

                    24         Kalmuck Refugees

                    25         “News Report”, International Refugee Organization

                    26         Refugee Resettlement and Diary

                    27         Refugees, WCC

                    28         “Unformationen  . . . . Bulletin”

                    29         Vienna Peace Seminar, 1950

                    30         Vienna Peace Seminar, 1960

                    31         Work Camp Material

                    32         Work Camp Loccum

                    33         Work Camp Tour, 1960

                                 International Refugee Organization [See Box 11, Folder 20]

                                 International Refugee Organization, Austria [See Box 11, Folder 21]

                                 Refugee Information [See Box 11, Folder 22]

                                 Refugee Information [See Box 11, Folder 23]

Newspaper Articles Written in German and Not Photocopied [See Box 11, Folder 24]


                                 German, Germany, Austria, Schwarzenau


Box 9 Folder 1         General

                      3         General

                      2         Mack Schule

                      4         Pabst Essay

                      5         Project

                      6         Tour, 1983


                                 M.R. Zigler


                      7         Manuscript

                      8         Memoirs, Typescript

                      9         Worker Lists, Europe, 1950s


                                 On Earth Peace/On Earth Peace Assembly


                    10         1968-1975

                    11         1975

                    12         1975-1978

                    13         1976

                    14         1976-1977

                    15         1977

                    16         1978

                    17         1978-1979

                    18         1979

                    19         1980-1981

                    20         1980-1981

                    21         1982-1983

                    22         1984-1986

                    23         1989-1998

                    24         25th Anniversary Packet

                    25         History

                    26         Peace Academy




Box10Folder 1         Foundation for Reformation Research

                      2         Max Kade German-American Research Institute

                      3         Pennsylvania German Society

                      4         Society for German American Studies

                      5         Society for the History of the Germans, MD




Box 10 (cont) 6         1950s

                      7         1960s-1980s

                      8         Academy of Christian Living

                      9         “Back to Basics: The Blooming of Higher Education”

                    10         “Be Subject to the Governing Authorities”

                    11         Brethren Bible Institute

                    12         “Christ Incognito”

                    13         “Cloud of Witnesses”

                    14         “Come Home (To) America”

                    15         Dan West Days

                    16         Elizabethtown, Church and College

                    17         Engagements, 1950s-1960s

                    18         Engagements, 1970s-1980s

                    19         Eshleman Bible Institute

                    20         “Evidence of the Holy Spirit at Work Among the Brethren

                    21         Fall Ministry Seminar, Mid-Atlantic District

                    22         “Fanning the Flame: Where is the Holy Spirit Leading Us?”

                    23         Frick’s Meetinghouse

                    24         Glen Weimer Lectures

                    25         Heritage and Renewal Weekend, Martinsburg

                    26         Heritage Conference, Southern Ohio

                    27         Local Congregations, 1950s

                    28         Local Congregations, 1960s, 1970s

                    29         Local Congregations, 1970s

                    30         Local Congregations, 1980s

                    31         Local Congregations, 1990s

                    32         “Looking Forward to the City”

                    33         “M.R. Zigler, Pragmatic Prophet”

                    34         Manchester College Baccalaureate

                    35         “Meeting the Enemy”

                    36         “Mutual Aid Among the Brethren”

                    37         NOAC

                    38         Northern Baptist Theological Seminary

                    39         “Our Brethren Heritage: Ballast or Boost?”

                    40         “A Pilgrim People”

                    41         “Quest for a Usable Past”

                    42         “Reaching In, Reaching Out”

                    43         “Reflections on East and West”

                    44         “Release to the Captives”

                    45         “Sorting Out the Brethren”

                    46         “A Single Voice”

                    47         Urban Luncheon

                    48         “Where the Church of the Brethren Has Been”


                                 Tour Guide of Brethren Historic Sites and Markers


Box 11Folder1         General

                      2         CA, IL, IN

                      3         KS, MD, MI, NM, OH

                      4         PA

                      5         TX, VA, WV


                                 Young Center, Elizabethtown


                      6         General

                      7         Beginnings

                      8         Conference on Contemporary Issues

                      9         Conference on Land, Ethics, and Community Values

                    10         Coping with Modernity Conference

                    11         Director Search Committee, Review Committee

                    12         Hostetler, John

                    13         Media Ethics


                                 Young Center, Elizabethtown, Advisory Board


                    14         1986-1994

                    15         1994-1995

                    16         1996-1997

                    17         1998-1999

                    18         2000-2002

                    19         2003-2004


                    20         International Refugee Organization

                    21         International Refugee Organization, Austria

                    22         Refugee Information

                    23         Refugee Information

                    24         Newspaper Articles Written in German and Not Photocopied








Box 12 Folder1        Tour Markers

Notebook      2         Brethren Service

Notebook      3            Brethren History

Notebook      4         Church History, Medieval-Reformation

Notebook      5         Church History, Modern, Cassel

Notebook      6         Liberty, Zigler

Carousel        7         Roots of Messenger


Box 13

Carousel        1         Brethren Church History

Small Box     2         1958 Anniversary

Tray               3         USSR, 1971

Tray               4         Kline/Brown



Small Box     5         Kaufmann Negative

File Box        6         Various

File Box       7         Various


Box 14                     Reel-to-Reel tapes from M.R. Zigler


Reel               1         Zigler, 1972

                      2         Glick, 1972

                      3         Glick, 1972

                      4         Zigler, 1972

                      5         Zigler, 1972

                      6         Kermit Eby

                      7         Charles C. & Florence Baker, 1979

                      8         Zigler, 1977


Many loose cassette tapes