Afghanistan Evacuees and Refugees: How to Help

Called to care for the outsider, Brethren have long supported the refugees in our communities. With many thousands of Afghan evacuees arriving in the US, churches are challenged to welcome these strangers that flee persecution in their homeland.

Afghan people carrying bags and wearing face coverings
Afghans fled their country quickly in August 2021, bringing very little with them. They will need our help as they resettle in the United States. Photo in the public domain courtesy of US Navy

“The primary truth of faith as we consider… refugees today is that Christ has made another appearance among us, as Himself a… refugee in the person of political dissidents, the economically deprived, and foreigners on the run. We are to join them as pilgrims in search of that city yet to come, with foundations of love and justice whose architect and builder is God.”
Church of the Brethren Annual Conference statement, 1982

Church of the Brethren response: Join the effort

  • Give to the Emergency Disaster Fund to support Afghan resettlement across the country. Grants from the Emergency Disaster Fund are supporting Church World Service in resettling Afghan evacuees and refugees. (
  • Sponsor an Afghan Family and support their resettlement. Congregations or groups can work with Church World Service or other resettlement agencies to welcome Afghan people into their community.
    • Sponsorship through Church World Service—CWS, the historic and current refugee resettlement partner of the Church of the Brethren, has offices and affiliates in 17 states. Find a CWS resettlement office near you.
    • CWS is one of nine resettlement agencies partnering with the US government. If CWS is not an option, find out about other agencies and their affiliates providing refugee resettlement programming in your state or area through the Refugee Council USA or the U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement.
    • Please let the BDM office know if you or your church are exploring sponsorship or are already sponsoring a family, or if you may need assistance to offer sponsorship. (See also below: Faith in Action Fund grant information)
  • Contact Brethren Disaster Ministries for more information: or 410-635-8731/800-451-4407

Support congregations resettling Afghan families

  • Partner with another church on Afghan family resettlement. Contact the BDM office for possible partnerships.
  • Hold a special fundraiser for a resettlement in your community or the national effort.
  • Apply for a Church of the Brethren Faith in Action Fund grant to assist with resettlement costs. (certain criteria and application requirements apply)

Advocate for Afghan evacuees

Use the links below for information on how to contact your representatives and advocate for Afghans. Contact the Office of Peacebuilding and Policy for more information.

People talking over tea
Church World Service supports refugees as they begin a new life in the US. This family was resettled in the Harrisonburg, Virginia area. Photo by Shane Nelson Photo

Learn more

Contact Brethren Disaster Ministries for additional information: or 410-635-8731/800-451-4407