Parking for Conference Hotel Guests

To obtain complimentary parking, you MUST park in one of these two garages and be staying in an Annual Conference hotel (Hyatt, Hilton, Westin, or Hampton Inn).

  • Whex Garage: 270W 5th St Cincinnati
  • Plum St/ Convention Center Garage: 619 Central Ave, Cincinnati

Do not park in your hotel parking garage or lot. Those lots are NOT complimentary!

Click here for map of parking garages

Instructions for use:

Validation stickers are one-time only use; there are no in/out privileges. If you need to leave and then return, you’ll be able to get a new validation sticker on an “as available” basis. Validation stickers are limited.

Directions for parking and validating:

  • Upon arrival at one of the approved garages listed above*, obtain a parking ticket from the automated machine. Verify address on ticket displays the correct garage name and address. Park your car and keep your ticket. Do not fold or crumple up ticket.
  • Before you need to exit the garage, take your parking ticket to the Annual Conference office at the Duke Energy Convention Center located in the Elm Street Coat Check – first floor, to receive a validation sticker. Since supplies are limited, we encourage you not to wait until the last day, but to stop by the office early in the week to pick up your sticker.
  • Once validated with a sticker, take your ticket with you to your car. Drive to the exit gate and insert your validated ticket FACE UP into the ticket slot at the exit lane pay station. Do NOT attempt to scan the barcode on your ticket. Your ticket must be inserted into the machine in order to process. The exit gate will open and you can exit the garage.
  • If you need to park your vehicle again, obtain a parking ticket from the automated machine and start the process over again. Supplies are limited.

*You may want to drop off your luggage at your hotel prior to entering the garage.

Parking for the Duke Energy Convention Center

(for those who are not staying in the conference hotels)

The address of the Duke Energy Convention Center is 525 Elm Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Parking garages are located to the north and south of the convention center. Most daily rates run between $12 – $15.