About Tim McElwee

Tim McElwee joined the Warrensburg (MO) Church of the Brethren at age 16. He registered as a conscientious objector during the war in Indochina and completed two years of BVS in the 1970s. He served for five years on the denominational staff as director of what is now known as the Office of Peacebuilding and Policy. At Manchester University he served four years as campus pastor, eight years as a fundraiser, five years on the faculty as director of the Peace Studies Institute, and one year as administrator of the academic affairs department. He also served for one year as a fundraiser for Heifer International and completed his working career as a fundraiser for a non-profit hospital.

At the denominational level, he served on the Committee on Interchurch Relations, as a presenter at several Annual Conference insight sessions and as convenor for a denominational study committee. He has made presentations at several district conferences over the years and served a term on the Northern Indiana District peace team. At the Manchester Church of the Brethren, his home church, he has served as moderator, on the Witness Commission, the Nominating Committee and as a Sunday school teacher. He was an ordained Church of the Brethren minister for 12 years. He was a part-time chaplain at Timbercrest Retirement Community where he also served a term on the board of directors. He has served on the Eder Financial board, two terms on the SERRV board and currently serves on the board of directors for New Community Project.

Tim holds a BA in peace studies and religion/philosophy from Manchester, an M.Div from Bethany Theological Seminary, and an MA and Ph.D. in international relations from Purdue University. International studies and church work have taken him to many countries around the world. Tim is married to Linda Hansen. Together they have three adult children: Benjamin, Derrick and Kathryn.

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