Worship Leadership and Offerings


Portrait of David Sollenberger

David Sollenberger

Sunday Evening

Theme: Embracing One Another with Christ as Our Example

Annville, PA & North Manchester, IN

Portrait of Leonor Ochoa

Leonor Ochoa

Monday Evening

Theme: Embracing One Another in Times of Pain and Brokenness

Lancaster, PA

portrait of Anna Lisa Gross

Anna Lisa Gross

Tuesday Evening

Theme: Embracing One Another in Our Joy and Celebration

North Manchester, IN

Portrait of Nathan Rittenhouse

Nathan Rittenhouse

Wednesday Evening

Theme: Embracing One Another Amidst Our Diversity as a Faith Community

Green Bank, WV

Portrait of Belita Mitchell

Belita Mitchell

Thursday Morning

Theme: Embracing One Another as We Reach Out to Our Neighbors

Mechanicsburg, PA

Worship Planning Team

Portrait of Carol Hipps Elmore

Carol Hipps Elmore

P&AC Liaison

Bridgewater, VA

Portrait of Paula Bowser

Paula Bowser

Englewood, OH

Portrait of Tim Hollenberg-Duffey

Tim Hollenberg-Duffey

Vianna, VA

Portrait of Dawn Ottoni Wilhelm

Dawn Ottoni Wilhelm

Richmond, IN

Bible Study Leaders

Portrait of Denise Kettering-Lane

Denise Kettering-Lane

Dayton, OH

Portrait of Stephen Breck Reid

Stephen Breck Reid

Waco, TX

Music Leadership

Portrait of Scott Duffey

Scott Duffey

Music Coordinator

Fishersville, VA

Portrait of Julie Richard

Julie Richard

Choir Director

Finksburg, MD

Portrait of Ryan Arndt

Ryan Arndt


Palmyra, PA


Sunday – Annual Conference

For more than 235 years, Annual Conference has offered us an opportunity to gather as the intergenerational body of Christ for worship and praise, for prayerful dialog and discernment, to learn and grow, to renew old friendships and build new relationships. Your generous gifts will help support the ministry of Annual Conference as it seeks to fulfill its mission to unite, strengthen, and equip the Church of the Brethren to follow Jesus. Thank you for supporting the Big Meeting.

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Monday – Ministerial Training for International Church of the Brethren Leaders

The body of Christ known as the Church of the Brethren is expanding across the globe. Thanks be to God! As individuals are drawn to our witness and new congregations are planted, leaders are asking for Biblical training and instruction on Brethren history, theology, and practices. Your generous gifts will be used to support local training programs, seminary tuition, and online trainings. Thank you for your partnership in addressing one of the greatest needs of the global Church of the Brethren.

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Tuesday – Girls, Inc. of Omaha

Girls, Inc. of Omaha has been serving girls, ages 5-18, for over 45 years. Committed to nurturing girls to be strong, smart, and bold, they offer homework help and enrichment classes in music, art, and science; encourage exercise and good nutrition; provide clothing and hygiene supplies; and equip girls with basic life skills related to budgeting and banking, public speaking, voting and citizenship, and how to apply for a job. Your generous gifts of supplies and money will support this ongoing work. Thank you for supporting our Witness to the Host City. Please make checks out to Girls, Inc. of Omaha.

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Wednesday – Core Ministries

We are called to be Jesus in the neighborhood. As we seek to live into this vision, your generous gifts will support the mission and ministry of the Church of the Brethren: undergirding and expanding discipleship formation through youth and young adult ministries, intercultural ministries, events, and initiatives; training and equipping innovative, adaptable, and fearless leaders; renewing established congregations and planting new congregations; supporting international missions and service ministries. Thank you for partnering in this life-changing work for the glory of God and our neighbor’s good.

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Thursday – Transportation for International Guests Attending Annual Conference

Each year, representatives from the international church are invited to join us at Annual Conference. Their presence provides us with an opportunity to build relationships with our brothers and sisters across the globe; to share our joys and sorrows, struggles and triumphs; to challenge and inspire one another to continue the work of Jesus peacefully, simply, together. Your generous gifts will help underwrite the transportation costs for our international brothers and sisters to come to Annual Conference. Thank you for partnering in building up the body of Christ.

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