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Delegate Registration Fees

March 2 – July 4



The Conference Booklet and Delegate packet is included with Delegate registration. Each congregation registering a Delegate will also receive a copy of the 2021 Annual Conference minutes.

Delegate Registration Info

Congregations may send delegates to Annual Conference to represent them for the business items at Annual Conference. The number of delegates per congregation is based on the membership as reported in the 2020 Yearbook of the Church of the Brethren. The number allowed is as follows:

Up to 200 Members 1 delegate
201-400 Members 2 delegates
401-600 Members 3 delegates
601-800 Members 4 delegates
801+ Members 5 delegates

Congregations registering their delegate(s) can do so online. Payment can be made by credit card or by sending a check (pay by check not an option after June 9).

Non-Delegate Registration Fees

March 2 – July 4

Full Conference $99
Daily $33
Post-High School to Age 21
Full Conference $30
Daily $10
Current High School and younger
Full Conference Free
Active BVS
Full Conference Free *

* If registering as an agency staff member, the full, non-delegate registration rate applies.

Non-Delegate Registration Info

Advance registration for non-delegates will begin at 12:00 Noon central time on Tuesday, March 2, 2020. Here is where you can:

  • Register yourself
  • Register your family
  • Order conference booklets
  • Order DVDs


Conference Booklet Mailed $13.00 each + $5 shipping
Conference Booklet PDF Emailed $13.00