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Moderator’s District Q+A

These ZOOM sessions are for districts, focusing on the “state of the church.” Both laity and clergy are urged to participate. The sessions utilize a Q&A format, with an emphasis on listening to the hearts of our constituency; any and all questions are invited. Joining Moderator Paul are the other Annual Conference Officers: Dave Sollenberger, Moderator Elect, and Jim Beckwith, Annual Conference Secretary.  Normally, the Annual Conference Moderator visits Districts in the course of her/his tenure, engaging in conversation related to life of the church. Given the continuing pandemic, these ZOOM Q+A sessions seek to provide an alternative platform for this kind of conversation. 

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Trail Thoughts – Moderator’s Quarterly Pastoral Letter

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Videos from the Moderator

Mark DeVries, president and founder of Ministry Architects, and Paul Mundey, 2021 Annual Conference Moderator, consider “Innovative Ideas for a Hard Season”

Study guide for “Innovative Ideas for a Hard Season”

Phil Stone, President emeritus of Bridgewater College, joins Church of the Brethren Annual Conference Moderator Paul Mundey to discuss Leading in a Time of Crisis.

Study guide for “Leading in a Time of Crisis”

This session features veteran civil rights leader and former UN Ambassador Andrew Young, a pioneer in and champion of civil and human rights. Ambassador Young’s lifelong dedication to service is illustrated by his extensive leadership experience of over sixty-five years, serving as a member of Congress, African American U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Mayor of Atlanta, and ordained minister, among other positions.

Study guide for “Racism: Deeper Awareness, Bolder Action”

This Sabbath rest-themed sermon prepared by 2021 Annual Conference moderator Paul Mundey is designed to provide a resource to congregations to enable them to support their pastor taking time away from the responsibilities of preaching.
At the invitation of the Church of the Brethren’s Office of Ministry, this sermon focuses on words from Jeremiah 31:25, “I will satisfy the weary, and all who are faint I will replenish,” which assure us that God accompanies us in upheaval, offering sanctuary amid stormy anxiety, doubt, and fear. Congregations and their ministers are encouraged to partner together to find rest and refreshment in the midst of these days.
Sermon transcript

Districts, congregations and individuals are welcome to download and use this video from Paul Mundey, the 2021 Annual Conference Moderator.
Though initially addressed to districts, the video quickly moves to content that is applicable to congregations and individuals as well.
Please note: Vimeo (the host for the video) also includes a feature to embed the video directly to websites, etc.