Moderator’s District Q+A

These ZOOM sessions were for districts, focusing on the “state of the church”; all districts were invited and encouraged to participate. The sessions were held between October, 2020 and February, 2021. Both laity and clergy were urged to participate. The sessions utilized a Q&A format, with an emphasis on listening to the hearts of our constituency; any and all questions are were invited. All total, 24 Q+A sessions were held in 14 districts; some districts held more than one Q+A session.

Joining Moderator Paul Mundey were the other Annual Conference Officers: Dave Sollenberger, Moderator Elect, and Jim Beckwith, Annual Conference Secretary.

Normally, the Annual Conference Moderator visits Districts in the course of her/his tenure, engaging in conversation related to life of the church. Given the continuing pandemic, these ZOOM Q+A sessions sought to provide an alternative platform for this kind of conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions on the “State of the Church,” related to Q+A Sessions

Links Recommended, emerging from Q+A Sessions

Statements from the Moderator

Trail Thoughts – Moderator’s Quarterly Pastoral Letter

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Moderator’s Town Hall

“The Global Church: Current Happenings, Future Possibilities.” Carol and Norm Waggy, Interim Directors of Global Mission for the Church of the Brethren, and Moderator Paul Mundey dialogue around this theme.

Study Guide for “The Global Church:  Current Happenings, Future Possibilities”

“Faith, Science and COVID-19.” Kathryn Jacobsen, epidemiologist and Professor of Public Health at George Mason University, and Moderator Paul Mundey dialogue around this theme. A recording of the Town Hall is available upon request, along with an accompanying study guide. Interested persons can make their request/s by emailing:   

“Innovative Ideas for a Hard Season.” Mark DeVries, president and founder of Ministry Architects, and Moderator Paul Mundey dialogue around this theme.

Study guide for “Innovative Ideas for a Hard Season”

“Leading in a Time of Crisis.” Phil Stone, President emeritus of Bridgewater College and Moderator Paul Mundey dialogue around this theme.

Study guide for “Leading in a Time of Crisis”

“Racism:  Deeper Awareness. Bolder Action.” Andrew Young, former U.N. Ambassador and civil right icon, and Moderator Paul Mundey dialogue around this theme.

Study guide for “Racism: Deeper Awareness, Bolder Action”

Moderator’s Video Messages and Sermons

This Sabbath rest-themed sermon prepared by Moderator Paul Mundey is designed to provide a resource to congregations to enable them to support their pastor taking time away from the responsibilities of preaching.

Sermon transcript

First aired for the first virtual denominational worship gathering in 2020, this meditation features Moderator Paul Mundey addressing the theme: “Our Kinsman, Redeemer.”  It is a message of encouragement and hope amid challenging days.

Though originally prepared as a greeting from Moderator Paul Mundey to districts, the video quickly moves to a message of hope that is applicable to congregations and individuals as well. Taped at the historic Joseph Sherfy House at the Gettysburg Military Park.

Though originally prepared by Moderator Paul Mundey as an Easter message (“God’s Glad Surprise”) in 2020, it is relevant for any season, stressing a message of hope that arises out of the cycle of death and resurrection. Taped at the historic Dunker Church at the Antietam Battlefield.