Children’s Corner

We welcome our children to learn about this year’s annual conference theme through songs, stories and activities. There are three sessions available, with three short videos for each. You will also find a song lyrics page that may help with learning words, as well as optional activity pages. If you don’t have a printer, no worries! Bring your own arts supplies and create your own masterpieces while we talk about our theme. These sessions will most likely appeal to children ages 4-7, but all who are young at heart are welcome to enjoy this resource!

These resources will be accessible on the Online AC site for all parents and guardians who are registered. Children do not need to be registered for conference in order to participate in the activities.

Session I: God made our beautiful world!

  1. Song: “This is the Day”
  2. Story: “We’re Going on a Nature Hunt” by Steve Metzger
  3. Activity/Talk (optional activity sheet): “Which One’s Which?”

Session II: God made us each special!

  1. Song: “If I Were a Butterfly”
  2. Story: “When God Made You” by Matthew Paul Turner
  3. Activity/Talk (optional activity sheet): “What Makes Me Special?”

Session III: God made special helpers, and I can be one, too!

  1. Song: “Father Abraham”
  2. Story: “Be Kind” by Pat Zietlow Miller
  3. Activity/Talk (optional activity sheet): “Helping Hands”

Abigail Hostetter Parker

Abigail Hostetter Parker