Resources from Denominational Virtual Events

Recordings on Vimeo can be downloaded for use in your virtual services. Please carefully check copyright information at the bottom of this page.

Event recordings

Virtual choir recordings

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Spoken recordings

Usage and copyright information

Congregations may use clips for their worship, assuming they check and include the attached copyright information, below. For the worship service all songs are either public domain or, in the case of Brethren-written songs, we have written permission for Church of the Brethren congregations to use them any time until July 31, 2021. There are two exceptions noted on the bottom of page two of the worship bulletin: For the Beauty of the Earth and Canticle of the Turning. Congregations will need to get separate permission to use those two pieces.

Bulletin & worship copyright information

Concert copyright information

Children’s time

Tiempo de niños

Worship service

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