Study Committees

Calling Denominational Leadership

This committee, elected by Annual Conference, will study how denominational leaders are called and equipped to serve, looking at the processes in place and the changes necessary to respond to the challenges and changing dynamics of serving in volunteer leadership roles at the denominational level.

Eric Bishop
Erika Clary
Emmett Witkovsky-Eldred

Breaking Down Barriers: Increasing Access to Denominational Events

This committee, elected by Annual Conference, will examine the theological, philosophical, and practical implications of using technology to expand access to denominational events. Their work will include a feasibility study. The committee is to bring recommendations to the 2024 Annual Conference.

Jeanne Davies
Brandon Grady
Daniel Poole
Rhonda Pittman Gingrich, Director of Annual Conference (consultant)
Enten Eller, Annual Conference webcast coordinator (consultant)

Standing with People of Color Resource Team

The 2022 Annual Conference adopted the concerns of the query: Standing with People of Color. As part of the response, Southern Ohio Kentucky District and On Earth Peace were tasked with collaborating to develop various materials for congregational, district, and denominational use during a two-year study/action process. Standing Committee members will support and encourage the use of these materials and participation in the process and report back to Annual Conference in 2023 and 2024.

The 2023 Annual Conference granted a one-year extension to the committee to complete their work

Terrilynn Griffith
Robert Jackson
Jennifer Quijano West
Bruce Rosenberger
Christy Schaub
Matt Guynn, On Earth Peace
Devin Dixon-Rosario, On Earth Peace
Josh Brockway, Church of the Brethren, Discipleship and Leadership Formation
Barbara Daté, consultant to the committee

Advisory Committees

Pastoral Compensation and Benefits

The members are:

Robert S. McMinn, Laity, chair (2026)
Andy Hamilton, District Executive (2024)
Arthur Fourman, Laity (2025)
Angela Finet, Clergy (2027)
Lori Hurt, Secular Compensation Practitioner (2028)

Program Feasibility

The Program Feasibility Committee conducts a feasibility study whenever Annual Conference determines that an item of business includes an unfunded mandate. It studies the feasibility and costs that may be required of the board or the agencies and any other collateral impacts. The item of business is put on hold until this committee presents its report.

David Stauffer, Standing Committee, chair (2025)
Nevin Dulabaum, Eder Financial (2024)
Marie Benner-Rhoades, On Earth Peace (2025)
Ed Woolf, Church of the Brethren (2026)
Jeff Carter, Bethany Theological Seminary (2027)
Harriet Hamer, Standing Committee (2027)