1979 Church of the Brethren Resolution

Whereas major moves to reinstate draft registration and military draft have gained threatening momentum;

Whereas United States participation in war has always followed initiation of the conscription process; and

Whereas the Church of the Brethren has historically opposed conscription and participation in war;

We commission the officers of Annual Conference to make known to the President and to the minority and majority leaders of the House of Representatives and the Senate, the church’s opposition to the resumption of draft registration and military draft.

We strongly urge conference attendees to contact their legislators before July 9, 1979, and to seek to have other members of their congregations register their concerns also.

We commend those efforts of the church at all levels to educate persons regarding the peace witness of the church and encourage continuing efforts to register individual positions of conscientious objection to war in cooperation with the local church, District, and General Offices.

Action of 1979 Annual Conference

The Resolution on Conscription came from Standing Committee. The recommendation for its adoption was presented by Jan Eller. The Resolution was adopted by a vote of yes: 668 (98.2%) and no: 12 (1.8%).