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Annual Conference exists to unite, strengthen, and equip the Church of the Brethren to follow Jesus. The Annual Conference Office is pleased to make these resources available to further equip you and your congregation for ministry. They are available for personal or congregational use free of charge; however, if you would like to support the ministries of Annual Conference, please visit

Worship services

Opening worship (6/30/2021)

Thursday worship (7/1/2021)

Friday worship (7/2/2021)

Saturday worship (7/3/2021)

Closing worship (7/4/2021)

Resources featuring Tod Bolsinger

Moderator’s Forum: Adventure or Die 

Equipping Session: Standing the Heat, Surviving the Sabotage 

Plenary: “Doing Church” in Uncharted Territory 

Insight Session: The Fire and the Anvil 

Resources featuring Michael Gorman

Thursday Bible Study


Friday Bible Study

Saturday Bible Study

Peace Seminar: Non-Violence in the Writings of Paul 

Insight Sessions with Michael Gorman

Reading the Bible Missionally, Part One

Reading the Bible Missionally, Part Two

Reading the Bible Missionally, Part Three


Fernando Ortega

Robin Risser Mundey

2021 Moderator’s Town Halls

What Will Be the ‘New Normal’?

Featuring Mark DeVries, president of Ministry Architects, and epidemiologist Dr. Kathryn Jacobsen, this Town Hall explores what the future might hold in light of the COVID-19 crisis and the possible shape of a “new normal.” Topics include: the current state of the pandemic, when and how churches can safely resume in-person activity, the importance of hybrid (in-person plus online) approaches to ministry to ensure accessibility for all, navigating ongoing tensions and headlines related to the pandemic, facing into the loss and grief of the COVID-19 crisis, how to support both parishioners and pastors, the future trajectory of the pandemic, and how best to equip ourselves for tomorrow. A recording of the Town Hall is available upon request. Interested persons can make their requests by emailing:    

Today’s Headlines, Yesterday’s Wisdom study guide
0.1 CEU for watching the video

Featured resource persons are Brethren historians Carl Bowman, William Kostlevy, Stephen Longenecker, Carol Sheppard, and Dale Stoffer. Learn more about them. The focus of the Town Hall, “Today’s Headlines, Yesterday’s Wisdom. Historical Insights for the Contemporary Church,” includes considering various issues confronting the church: Accountability, Biblical Authority, Compelling Vision, Division, and Nationalism. Though every era is unique, there is much to learn from the experience of history. The Brethren historians explore the richness of our heritage, highlighting the depth of our tradition and offer practical learnings applicable to today’s church. The intent is not to return to the past but to profit from history’s wisdom as we strive to transform the contemporary church.

0.5 CEU for watching the video

Annual Conference Moderator Paul Mundey and featured resource person Dr. William H. Willimon, a highly respected church leader who has served as a pastor, seminary professor, university chaplain, and bishop, discuss “Peacebuilding When We’re So Divided.”
As both church and culture continue to fracture, many are discouraged, groping for ways to address the divide. This session explores practical peacebuilding skills, drawing on current best practices, along with insights from scripture, theology, and church history. The emphasis is on hope while acknowledging the necessity of realism and lament.

Study guide for “Peacebuilding When We’re So Divided”

“The Global Church: Current Happenings, Future Possibilities.” Carol and Norm Waggy, Interim Directors of Global Mission for the Church of the Brethren, and Moderator Paul Mundey dialogue around this theme.

Study Guide for “The Global Church:  Current Happenings, Future Possibilities”

“Faith, Science and COVID-19.” Kathryn Jacobsen, epidemiologist and Professor of Public Health at George Mason University, and Moderator Paul Mundey dialogue around this theme. A recording of the Town Hall is available upon request, along with an accompanying study guide. Interested persons can make their request/s by emailing:   

“Innovative Ideas for a Hard Season.” Mark DeVries, president and founder of Ministry Architects, and Moderator Paul Mundey dialogue around this theme.

Study guide for “Innovative Ideas for a Hard Season”

“Leading in a Time of Crisis.” Phil Stone, President emeritus of Bridgewater College and Moderator Paul Mundey dialogue around this theme.

Study guide for “Leading in a Time of Crisis”

“Racism:  Deeper Awareness. Bolder Action.” Andrew Young, former U.N. Ambassador and civil right icon, and Moderator Paul Mundey dialogue around this theme.

Study guide for “Racism: Deeper Awareness, Bolder Action”