Program & Arrangements Committee Policy

Meal Event Guidelines

Definition of Groups Planning Meal Events and Administration of those Events

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Following are the Program & Arrangements Committee guidelines for planning and scheduling meal events:

Category Definitions

Annual Conference Districts and Reportable Agencies
The Annual Conference agencies and groups that serve the church and/or are reportable to it by election of Board Members and financial accountability. These groups are integral to the structure and programming of the Annual Conference event.

  • Church of the Brethren, Inc.
  • Brethren Benefit Trust/Brethren Foundation
  • Bethany Theological Seminary
  • Districts/Council of District Executives
  • On Earth Peace/Ministry of Reconciliation

Other Groups
Groups relating to the Church of the Brethren for whom Program and Arrangements Committee only provides space for meal events in conjunction with Annual Conference. If your agency is not reportable to the Annual Conference, you are a part of this listing.

Guidelines for Planning Meal Events

Annual Conference Reportable Agencies and Districts

  1. meal events will be included in the daily schedule of the Conference Booklet
  2. meal event information forms required
  3. planner may use Information Packet to promote meal event
  4. event will be included on the Ticket Order form in the Information Packet
  5. services include ticket printing, selling, and the need for advance guarantee
  6. musical or other groups who perform at meal events and wish to sell CDs, DVDs, or other items must seek the permission of P&AC.

Other Groups

  1. meal events will be included in the daily schedule of the Conference Booklet with some notation that this group is not reportable to the Annual Conference
  2. (2-6) same as above

Guidelines for Other Special Events

For groups performing in Early Evening with the Arts or other special events, approved by P&AC and open to the public, sales of CDs, DVDs, books, or other materials is permitted by the outside group at their own risk.

Revised: 9/97, 7/98, 7/99, 11/07, 08/09