Program & Arrangements Committee Policy

Goals and Guidelines for Insight Sessions

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  • To provide opportunities for districts and agencies reportable to the Annual conference to interpret their programs and responsibilities.
  • To provide opportunities for Annual Conference attendees to be informed about denominational programs and issues.


  • The Annual Conference Program and Arrangements Committee has general oversight of Insight Sessions held during Conference.
  • Program and Arrangements Committee delegates the responsibility for scheduling and managing Insight Sessions to the Annual Conference Office. The Conference Director and Conference Assistant shall coordinate the selection of Sessions and assign the time blocks.
  • Districts and agencies reporting to the Annual Conference shall be invited to propose an appropriate number of Insight Sessions. The Annual Conference office will attempt to satisfy Insight Session requests, setting the final number of sessions apportioned to districts and agencies, based on the Conference schedule and space available in the Conference venue.
  • Insight Sessions shall support the ideals and principles of the Church of the Brethren and the Annual Conference Strategic Plan. Insight Sessions also should help persons to be better followers of Christ.
  • Program and Arrangements Committee shall have the freedom to propose to Church of the Brethren districts and Annual Conference agencies suggestions for themes gleaned from Annual Conference evaluations or Program and Arrangements Committee planning for consideration as insight sessions. Districts and Annual Conference agencies shall not be bound by these suggestions, but shall assume responsibility including costs, for resulting insight sessions.
  • Costs for resource persons, materials, etc., are to be charged to the budget of the district or agency convening the Insight Session. Room setup cost, audio/visual and decorator requirements are the responsibility of the sponsoring district and agencies.
  • If a district or agency wishes to appeal a decision of the Annual Conference Office, this may be done by a written communication to the Annual Conference Moderator who will present the appeal to the Program and Arrangements Committee.

Policies and Guidelines/insight session policy.doc, adopted by P&AC adopted 6/97; revised 7/98, 11/98, 8/08, 8/09