Program & Arrangements Committee Policy

Goals and Guidelines for Equipping Sessions

Download this document: Goals and Guidelines for Equipping Sessions (PDF)


  • To equip congregations and participants for a life of discipleship and service to Christ and the Church.
  • To provide opportunities for agencies reportable to the Annual Conference, districts, and other organizations chosen by Program and Arrangements Committee to share resources, programs, and ideas to strengthen ministry and mission at all levels of the church.
  • To introduce or explore practical tools, skills, practices, or frameworks related to discipleship formation, neighborhood engagement and missional outreach, leadership development, and stewardship enhancement that participants can take home with them to enhance their personal or congregational ministry


  • The Annual Conference Program and Arrangements Committee has general oversight of Equipping Sessions held during Annual Conference, determining the total number of sessions to be offered at each Annual Conference as well as any special emphases.
  • Program and Arrangements Committee delegates the responsibility for scheduling and managing Equipping Sessions to the Annual Conference Office. The Conference Director and Conference Assistant will coordinate apportionment, selection, and scheduling with sponsoring groups.
  • Sponsoring groups will be invited to propose a specified number of Equipping Sessions, providing title and focus. Program and Arrangements Committee reserves the right to review all proposals and offer suggestions to ensure adherence to these goals and guidelines.
  • Equipping Sessions should support the ideas and principles of the Church of the Brethren and the mission, vision, and core values of Annual Conference. Further, they should be in harmony with Annual Conference statements and decisions, supporting the unity and vitality of the denomination and avoiding divisiveness and fragmentation. No Equipping Session shall invite or encourage members of the Church of the Brethren to depart from the denomination.
  • Equipping Sessions can be designed to educate and inform participants about, and provide resources related to items of business on the agenda, but should not lobby for Annual Conference to adopt a particular action in relation to that item of business.
  • Program and Arrangements Committee reserves the right to both propose themes gleaned from Annual Conference evaluations and to review proposals and offer suggestions to better promote adherence to these goals and guidelines.
  • As we continue to expand access to Annual Conference, sponsoring groups are encouraged to consider offering Equipping Sessions in a hybrid format. Annual Conference will provide internet access for hybrid Equipping Sessions.
  • All costs including, but not limited to, resource persons, materials, room set-up, and audio-visual equipment are the responsibility of the sponsoring agency, district, or organization. Annual Conference will bill sponsoring groups for expenses following Annual Conference.
  • If an agency, district, or organization wishes to appeal a decision of the Annual Conference Office, this may be done by written communication to the Annual Conference Moderator, who will then present the appeal to the Program and Arrangements Committee for a final decision.

Policies and Guidelines/Equipping Session Goals and Guidelines.doc, adopted by P&AC 8/22